Relationship birth order

Wednesday, March 28th

Relationship birth order

Choose the one you want to end up according to your birth orderRelationship birth order - ukraine beautiful girl & ukraine date

Looking for a partner, most of us check the compatibility according to astrology, numerology and even some psychological tests. We rarely think that birth order, both yours and your Ukraine date, can play a significant role in your relationship but it appeared that knowing the  birth-order personality can be helpful in finding the right match.

An Austrian psychotherapist, Alfred Adler, was the first who recognized birth order as a significant factor in personality development. He affirmed that the birth order affects  our actions and behavior: how we deal with the tasks, careers, friendship and relationships during our life.

What is your or your Ukraine date birth order type?


The oldest child is born on the stage of parents’ self-affirmation and he is just a resource of their self-affirmation. That’s why parents are so proud of him, bring him to different courses and schools, praise him and control him.

Character features: trustfulness, naive in the operation management, doesn’t have any diplomatic skills.

If the age difference with the youngest children is little, he may feel being offended. If the parents were waiting for a boy but a girl was born instead- she may act like middles.

Oldest children are more functional, more responsible, more traditional and ambitious than those who were born after them. However, when a new child appears in the family, it may be a reason for the firstborn for suffering.  From this moment, he is not the only child in a family and he has to share the parental love with another child but they still feel the necessity to be the first and the only one main member in the family. That’s why they are very competitive. In relationship with other people, the firstborns can be very responsible, caring and nice but they can hardly accept someone’s help.


The middle child is just like a child without a status. 70% of the middles start their own life after finishing the schools, making career and helping all the relatives.

Character features: a successful professional, independentWhat is your or your Ukraine date birth order type?

The middle children are usually the ones who are the most independent from the family. Because their position is always in the “middle”. They have neither the power and privileges as the firstborns, nor he is cherished and loved as a newborn. The middle child will be likely communicate with the people outside the family and these people can easily influence on him while he will accept their life values and principles.


The lastborn child is born in the other period of parents’ life – he is a child for the soul. The model of firstborn behavior doesn’t let the lastborn to value himself. He is not familiar with the sense of duty but he is very emotional.

It is necessary for the youngest to have a comfortable psychological climate both in family and at work.

Character features: excellent manipulator (works on relationship), diplomatic, all intrigues in the family he works on the firstborn. He can release the tension in conflicts. He does not tolerate routine life and he is not plodding.

The youngest children  get used that everybody takes care of them and they don’t make a decision because others do it for them.

The typical problem in marriage with the lastborn may be problem of making a decision. If two lastborns are married, each one will wait that another one will care of them but no one will move on.

Only Child

The only child, who is well known, is the “dangerous mix” of the firstborn and the lastborn. He is strongly motivated to avoid failures and reach the goals.If you are a firstborn, your best match is lastborn and your worst match is another firstborn

Character features: parents’ manipulation, high demonstrativeness; he needs a public recognition of his achievements.

The only children are more sensitive to the rules and expectations of their parents than other children. Such children measured themselves according adult standards because there are no other children with whom they could be able to compare themselves. The only child is often more traditional, ambitious, succeeds and has leader’s characteristics. The only child has a number of advantages, as well as a number of weaknesses.

From one side, they are more egocentric, while from the other side they have huge possibilities. They can be overspoiled and it is hard for them to deal with the other people. Therefore, when they marry, they have to remember  that there exists another point of view too. The only child can show both conservatism and obstinacy. He either accepts all family values or rebels against them. He rarely chooses the middle way.

Do your and ukraine beautiful girl birth order types match?Do your and ukraine beautiful girl birth order types  match?

If you are a firstborn, your best match is lastborn and your worst match is another firstborn

A firstborn with another firstborn is likely to be a power struggle. It is a combination of control, dominance and striving because firstborns can be perfectionists and like having things done their own way. They may fight over what movie to see, how to raise the children, where to live.

Relationship Tip: To avoid conflicts, one should learn a lesson how to stop trying to improve your spouse, stop criticizing and make compromises. Just remember, your partner has the same strong feelings about his choice (vacation, movie, etc) as you do.

Firstborn-middle child relationships can be confusing for firstborns, because middle children can be closed off and bad at showing their feelings. This can be a fine pairing most of the time, but the middle children’s tendency to mold themselves around their partner may leave them in danger of not following their own dreams. These couples should learn to open up to each other more, and firstborns should encourage middle child to speak by asking things like: “What do you think?” “Tell me how you really feel,” or “Tell me more.”

Relationship Tip: If you’re the middle child, use your natural ability to compromise with your firstborn spouse. Stop controlling, let things go and speak up!

You will have a successful marriage if you’re a firstborn who marries a lastborn because these opposites complement each other. The firstborn teaches the lastborn to be organized while the lastborn reminds the firstborn not to take everything so seriously. The best possible match is a firstborn female with a lastborn male, because their needs are in harmony with each other. The youngest child is the one who needs attention; the firstborn, who was alone for a while in the family, doesn’t need to seek attention, because he or she usually got it.

Relationship Tip: If you’re married to a lastborn, don’t accept their actions  as a lack of responsibility. If you’re a lastborn married to an oldest child, you can learn that being serious can be in many ways.

If you are a middle child, your best match is lastborn and your worst match is another middle child

Middle children do not communicate well, and this is twice as bad in a middle child partnership. They both are of secretive type, close their emotions and that’s why the difficulty in communicating appear. Hiding their emotions instead of talking what they feel might be very confusing for their partner. But, nevertheless, middle children supposed to be the best partners for building a lasting marriage, because they grow up learning to compromise and negotiate with their siblings.If you are a middle child, your best match is lastborn and your worst match is another middle child

Relationship Tip: Always have open conversations about everything: money, sex, kids, home and work so you will know each other’s needs and find the way to compromise.

Compromising middle children are a good match for lastborns who are usually socially outgoing. It’s also important to make sure to give each other plenty of space for outside friendships and to show each other a lot of mutual respect, like phoning to say if you’re running late.

Relationship Tip: Distribute your controlling zones or decide if you both are acting like “babies.”

If you are a lastborn your best match is firstborn and your worst match is another lastborn

Two lastborns in a relationship is chaos because no one wants to be in charge. Lastborns always fight about who pays bills, who cleans up, who takes care of the social calendar, etc. If they don’t find the solution, lastborn pairs can quickly end their relationship.

Relationship Tip: Try to figure out the responsibility and duties of each one. Don’t manipulate each other and use your sense of humor.

Only child can be with anyone as well as he is a perfect match for any ukraine beautiful girl

The only child is the one who never had a bossy role with younger sibs.

An only with a firstborn or an only with middles can be a good match.

An only with the lastborn can present issues, in case if they are not mature enough or if they are seeking for attentionOnly child can be with anyone as well as he is a perfect match for any ukraine beautiful girl

Relationship Tip: If you’re with an only child, find out how he or she was treated in their family like a domineering firstborn or indulged lastborn. It will help you to compromise at any time.  But if you are an only child, you may do well seeking out a partner of any birth order as you were the type who always missed siblings during your childhood.