Important dating statistics – ukraine marriage agency

Tuesday, March 27th

Important dating statistics – ukraine marriage agency

What the statics say about dating and relationship

Psychologists differently assess the period, after which the feelings of lovers weaken, and the love in their life becomes ordinary. The most popular theory is that the average duration of the relationship is 7 years, and if the lovers successfully pass this line, then the chances for a long and happy life together significantly increase.ukraine marriage agency

As shown by a study conducted by British sociologists, 7 years is a very high period for couples who are in stable relationships. Nowadays, lovers are often parted, on average, two years and nine months after they start dating. Such data were obtained after a survey of 1,953 adult residents of the country who, in the past two years, parted or were officially divorced with partners and spouses. None of the survey participants had children from those halves with which they parted. 24% of respondents were married, 41% lived together, and 35% lived separately, but met regularly. Alas, most couples did not get to three years of living together. When the researchers began to find out what exactly does not allow people to stay together longer, one of the main reasons for parting they named was the Internet. 79% of respondents actively used social networks and 54% of them consider Facebook with Twitter as the reason why their stable relations collapsed. More often people simply started to flirt with someone via the Internet or found a new partner there.

Is love a disease?

Is love a disease?Not so long ago, scientists recognized love as a disease, and after that, British neuroscientists published a report stating that the time of getting carried away each other could be predicted. Using simple formulas and postulates, it is possible to foresee with great precision how many years a particular pair will be together. The “chemical” dependence of one person’s love for another, according to scientists, consists of a number of factors:

  • from the environment of the spouses;
  • from their place of residence;
  • from diet;
  • from the time during which he and she are together;
  • from hobbies they both have.

People’s common views on art play the least role in calculating their compatibility. For example, the literary and musical preferences of each don’t play a special role in their relationship. But the same culinary preferences make the couple in love even more closer. Common hobbies and shared leisure are also important when calculating the timing of love. The British claim that marriage in 83% of cases will be successful if a man and woman are united by common views on politics, gastronomic preferences and an equal need for seclusion.

British researchers also revealed another regularity. As it turned out, in order to forget your ex, at least half the time during which the pair stayed together must pass. For example, a man who had a close relationship with a woman for 3 years will be able to completely calm down, forget her and start living from scratch only after 1.5 years.

Facebook Department, engaged in the collection and analysis of data, published a full-scale study on Valentine’s Day. These data from February 10 are published in the notes of Facebook Data Science. The data on love and religion, on the age of lovers, on the duration of relationships and on cities where love is sought most are analyzed there.

As the statistics shows, in the relations between a man and a woman, the partner, as a rule, is 2-5 years older than the partner. In same-sex couples, the difference in age is much higher. In the United States 85% of marriages are between people of the same faith.Find your love through ukraine marriage agency and matchmakers

The most interesting is the statistics on the duration of the relationship. Approximately half of those relationships that are officially listed on Facebook, last from four years and longer, if the pair stayed in them for at least three months. Most often, couples break up in summer, from May to July, in February, the number of partings noticeably decreases – most likely, under the impact of February, 14.

Find your love through Ukraine marriage agency

Most Ukrainians found their soulmate with the help of friends, many get acquainted with future spouses at work, through the Internet or with the help of matchmakers, according to the results of the research: 27% of married Ukrainians found their soulmate with the help of friends. The next line of popularity among the places of meeting the other half was shared between work and study (19% and 18% respectively). In other cases, respondents noted that they met their future spouse on the street or in a nightclub, found on Internet or through Ukraine marriage agency and matchmakers.

11% of Ukrainians have tied their relations on Internet. Internet is convenient in communication, as it optimizes time, but it is not easy to find true love in the network. Of course, there are a lot of people who are ready for entertainment. The choice variety sometimes plays a cruel joke. After all, some are immersed in the process, forgetting about the result. It is important to observe safety techniques when meeting on Internet, which helps to avoid disappointment, and  not wasting time on a futile relationship.

International matchmaking services are focused on serious relationship

International matchmaking services are of great popularity nowadays. Matchmaker is a kind of conductor, who can adequately assess both sides to reduce the percentage of disappointment. Those who are too lazy to look for a future spouse – spend time in Internet; those who despaired of finding the second half – also spend time in Internet, because they already don’t hope for anything. The matchmakers are addressed by those men and women whose approach of creating a family is very serious. These people want to understand with whom they will live for the rest of their lives. More often, those people who are interested in specific characteristics of the future spouse are applying to the matchmaker service; they are interested in age, education, sphere of activity of their potential partner. They are also interested to know who the parents are of their future second half. The chances to experience real feelings are higher between those people who were introduced by the matchmaker.

One of the Ukrainian Matchmaking Companies made a research. The main purpose of it was to determine how often people fall in love, if their relationship is sincere, and whether there is love in them.

It was found that, on average, every person falls in love twice in his life, and each of us undergoes non-reciprocal love at least once in his life. Sadly but the fact is that every seventh of the respondents has relationship without love, and 73% said that they began to meet with the current partner after they lost the “love of his life.”International matchmaking services are focused on serious relationship

17% of respondents said that they are already in love, but they are not yet in the relationship with the object of adoration. Also, 46% admitted that they would be able to break off the relationship or marriage if they meet a person whom they really fall in love.

It was found that 37% of men will keep their relationship, even if they meet another person, so as don’t want to hurt the partner. Women were more determined: 33% agreed not to break the relationship, despite the circumstances. Also, the survey showed that 60% of people can understand whether it is true love or not, in 10 weeks after dating.