The best dating strategies with Ukrainian woman

How to date Ukrainian woman

Sunday, July 16th

The best dating strategies with Ukrainian woman

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There is no special recipe or secret for dating strategies with a woman but Ukrainian lady is different from others, they are unique and it comes from the history. Ukrainian ladies are very attractive, family oriented and they prefer not to tell everybody about their private life. Most Ukrainian women are educated and smart and to win their heart you need D+1 (more than one date) to develop a mental and spiritual connection with them and the best way to do it is the permanent contact with letters, messages, phone calls and talks.

It is in the Ukrainian culture to be female and beautiful. That’s why always say compliments about her beauty, her dress, and her education but do it in the right time. Women adore compliments when they are said with a sincere smile.

The first advice to attract a Ukrainian woman is “To Act in the best way you can”. Be smart, be interested in what she says trying to find some hints for the future dates so you can surprise her lately. Smile is a sign of being honest and sincere.

Before planning a date, find out the places where she likes to go, what her favorite restaurant is, what kind of movie she likes or what favorite place in her city she has.

Ukrainian women are very talkative but it doesn’t mean that you have to keep silent all the time. It might be boring and frustrating. Ask her some questions about Ukraine country, about her family and friends, about her life. Tell her about yourself, your hobbies and interests. Show her your photos from childhood till nowadays. You will have fun doing it and it establishes a connection between you. But don’t do all the talking.

If you have a mixed feeling on your first date and don’t understand how it is going, just check if you have chemistry and what Ukrainian woman feels. Find the way how to be close to her, accidentally, lean into her as if you want to whisper something into her ear and watch her reaction. Note if she leans into you too or step back?

None of a woman likes to hear about “exes” and Ukrainian lady is not an exception. But they will definitely ask this question, so try to avoid such conversations but if you are asked, reply in a short version without mentioning negative situations and feelings.

You should never be late on your first date with a Ukrainian woman as it will show your disrespect and destroy the first impression even if you come with the flowers (BTW, the odd number of flowers are a demand on a first date).

Keep all your attention on the lady and don’t cast a glance at others.

Mostly all the Ukrainian women are hard workers and have a busy life. They miss the romance in their life, so use it as an advantage and be a creative romantic including romance into your dates.

Progress dating strategy! The first dates should be inexpensive but gain momentum during the week and change it to more expensive dates on the weekends.

If a Ukrainian woman whom you invited for a date is not the right one for you don’t make false promises about calling her soon. Don’t waste your and her time keeping her around until you find someone better. Say honestly of your differences and stay friends. It’s much better than to break someone’s heart.

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