You met her face to face. Is she really interested in you?

Sunday, April 16th

You met her face to face. Is she really interested in you?

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Have you ever dated a Ukrainian woman? Have you met a beautiful lady after long correspondence in the internet? Are you starting to plan your meeting with a lady in real life in the nearest future? Your answer may be, YES or NO, but we want to help you in realizing if a woman whom you met is serious and open your eyes to her actions  so you will know if she is interested in you and your future relationship.

First meeting… What do you feel? Excitement? Interest? Are you nervous? If she is serious in her intentions, she will feel the same, so you need time to feel comfortable in each other’s presence. Make the situation easy: have a nice walk around the city or drink a cup of coffee in a nice café, try to hold her hand if you feel it’s appropriate. Let her feel your openness.

Is she running her hands through her hair while talking to you and looking at you? Is she looking straight in your eyes? Is she smiling to you? Does she ask her questions and communicate with you without pauses? Does  she listen to everything you say and allow you to touch her hand? All this can be the sign that you caught her attention…

A Ukrainian woman with serious intentions won’t bring you to the shop asking to buy clothes the next day after your meeting.  A lady, who is seriously interested in you, won’t cry on your shoulder asking for money. She won’t refuse from your next meeting just because of some “strange” reasons like her “suddenly sick grandmother”. Instead, she would try to spend the time with you, showing her city, inviting you to interesting events, having fun with you, smiling to you and wishing to continue your relationship. If you want to surprise her, nice bouquet of flowers will be enough to see the happy sparkles in her eyes.

If a Ukrainian woman is serious about you and if you like her too, you will definitely feel her care and her attention. The warmth of her look and sincere smile will be a hint for you that she is probably the one you need in your life. And if there is a “chemistry” between you, you might be sure that you are lucky. If two singles meant to be together, usually you feel it instantly.

Those couples who met  via our matchmaking company and continued their relationships shared their experience and we noticed,  usually the lady is also giving not just receiving when she feels something important to her man, so keep in mind. We had a case when a woman sent flowers to the hotel where her man  was going to stay and was in flight yet while at the same time the same men asked us to choose the most beautiful roses for her and deliver at her place. In one day, both interested, both were almost fully in love…:)

The Brazilian author PAULO COELHO wrote: “Love is an act of faith, not an exchange”. Have faith in real love, trust to your heart’s beat  and never forget to open your heart towards new relationship and real love.

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