The importance of texting in your relationship

Monday, May 28th

The importance of texting in your relationship

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More and more women (however, like men) flirt, declare love, intend to end all relationships or openly lie with the help of texting. The reason for the popularity of this way of communication lies on the surface: thus, the sender, first, relieves himself of the need to “illustrate” his words with facial expressions and gestures, and secondly, he has the opportunity to formulate his own thoughts without haste. However, despite these “pitfalls,” some conclusions about who the girl is can still be done.The importance of texting in your relationship

1. At the beginning of dating, she never addresses to you by name

A message that begins with the words “Baby” or “Darling” is very convenient to send to other men in contact list. If you are “just acquainted” and she already calls you “sweetie”, most likely, you met one of those hot Ukrainian girls who breaks men’s hearts. This type tries to charm everyone and everything “just in case.” Be careful, you are not the goal for her, but the means by which she tries to prove her female viability.

2. She puts smileys everywhere

In fact, smileys in sms are a worthy replacement for points and commas, they not only allow you to split the text into meaningful pieces, but also transmit emotions. There is nothing reprehensible in them. If their number is “off scale”, you got a “big baby”, no matter how old she is. Better attention should be given to her jokes. American scientists believe that behind malicious jokes there may be a general discontent with her own life. For example, sms with the text “You are cute :-)” is quite standard SMS. But “You are my big ears cute” (if you have large ears ) is already a hint of a possible problem, unless you are not crazy about cynics.

3. She carefully uses all punctuation marks and does not use abbreviations

It is a typical and very common phenomenon among pedants and boring mature singles who love to teach others how you should live your life. You have to decide whether you are ready to tolerate purely formal requirements (and there will be a lot of them) in exchange for reliability and good faith on her part.

4. Her SMS looks like a fence from “!!!!!!!!”

At a face-to-face meeting these individuals sometimes behave quite cold, but in a distant communication they give out their secrets willy-nilly. Increased vulnerability, resentment and a lot of different emotions are often hidden under her restraint.Texting-mania

5. She misses your questions

Did her answers remind you of the spy interrogation? Despite the efforts you made, she did not really write anything about herself, trying to answer with the questions? Such a desire to fog and make a mystery is often found in hot Ukrainian girls who adore romantic secrets. So, they are trying to increase their rating in your eyes.

6. She does not respond to sms for a long time

Do not make fast conclusions that the lady doesn’t like you at all. Everything is not so clear: a woman can intentionally retard an answer to make you think of her as a VIP person. The second reason does not look so good: if she after receiving your message does “more important” things first and only then remembers about you, it is the reason to think if you need such a girl.


Today, more fall into psychological dependence on a mobile phone. A separate thing is a Texting-mania. Europe is already talking about a real epidemic! What is so scaring and attracting the exchange of short messages on the phone?

It’s time to heal

In Britain, tens of patients have already been diagnosed with SMS-addiction. Mostly they are teenagers, but there are also adult and mature singles! The head of the department of bad habits of the Prairie clinic, Mark Collins said that his wards can write SMS with inspiration for seven hours a day and the rest of the time they check every minute if a new message has come. What for?

German psychotherapist Andreas Hurter believes that SMS-addiction is a real and serious disease, it negatively affects a person’s mental abilities and leads to financial collapse.
He is sure that in Germany not less than 380 thousand people suffer from SMS-addiction. Among Herter’s patients there were a husband and wife who could only communicate via SMS! Literally sitting in the kitchen opposite each other and texting to each other! Where was the mobile phone, when the couple made love, the doctor did not specify.

Translation rules

All psychologists agree that the habit of communicating with short simple messages can lead to the fact that a person will forget how to talk heart to heart, understanding the words of the interlocutor and sympathizing with him.

Do not find fight with your partner in texting

Text message (texting, mobile phone)

Italian psychologists even composed a “recipe” for teenagers addicted to SMS, in a language they understand: MayB U shd stop B4 its 2 L8. Translated from Mobile language to English: Maybe you should stop before it is too late.

Keep your hands!

The hobby for correspondence on the mobile phone can lead to injury of the fingers and wrists. “Occupational disease” is called Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), a trauma from repetitive actions. The doctors say that almost 4 million people suffer from the new disease every year. Over the last five-year the amount of “sick” people has increased by 38%.

RSI appears from monotonous and physiologically unnatural movements – pressing the buttons of the mobile phone with one finger. If a dozen messages with 60 letters are sent every day, the finger presses the keys 600 times! The risk of injury is greater for those who have trained to text messages quickly.

Do not find fight with your partner in texting

Many people sort the things out in relationship through SMS: they fight, try to get in peace and then they complain that they were misunderstood. Why? Because the partner does not hear your voice, does not understand what mood you are in! Live communication, of course, is best. But even talking on the phone gives us 97% more information than reading the text! And if you can’t meet a person to discuss your relationship, you have to call at least.

When you write SMS automatically, instead of calling and talking, it’s already a “sign” – there is something wrong in your living communication with people.

Your IQ decreases because of texting

mature singles, hot ukrainian girls

Psychologist Glenn Wilson made a startling discovery: people simply become dull from texting to each other. Fortunately, temporarily. According to Wilson’s data, constant communication through texting reduces the IQ by 10 points while smoking marijuana – only by five.

15 billion SMS sent by the Ukrainians over the past year. UK residents managed to set up 30 billion SMS for the same period.

10% of British send 100 or more SMS per day – in this case we can see a real texting-mania.

62% of British constantly check if a new message has arrived even on vacation. Every fifth of them is ready to interrupt an important business conversation or a meeting to immediately get an answer!

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