Visiting Odessa: top 5 signs of getting advantage of you – Ukraine Matchmaker

Thursday, May 24th

Visiting Odessa: top 5 signs of getting advantage of you – Ukraine Matchmaker

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Foreigners look at Ukraine as a country of available women. In their view, long-legged busty Odessa ladies are beautiful, but poor and that’s why they are ready to give themselves to the first person in charge for the bar of chocolate, and they will marry and be faithful wives for dinner at the restaurant, because in Ukraine they treat their husbands like God.

Tens of thousands of Europeans and Americans fly to Ukraine like moths for a light. And only a few people are eager to arrange a family happiness, others go just to have fun.

Along with the increasing demand for marriage agencies services, the number of frauds in this sphere is also growing.

Girls register in marriage agency, hoping to find a rich spouse abroad. But they are quickly disappointed: on the Internet men promise the moon, and when they arrive, the maximum they do is invite a girl to the restaurant. The clients of marriage agencies are even surprised that some men did not bother to wear clean jeans; others didn’t even buy a flower.

It’s not always the girls whose profiles are posted on dating sites, are eager to take on the burden of conjugal duties or plunge into the storm of passion. A considerable percentage of “brides” are very pragmatic and with the help of foreigners they are trying to solve their material problems or get bonuses – travel, furs, and beautiful life. Often without sexual reward, postponing sex for an indefinite period, until the boyfriend suspects something. And when this moment finally comes, the girl simply disappears and does not get in touch.

Girls, with whom you can chat on Skype or by phone, invite men from abroad to visit her. Sometimes, a couple of weeks are enough for a girl to convince him to come to Ukraine. Men are ready to break up and come to such a girl right away. And what a disappointment they get, when at a meeting a pretty woman gives only a smile to him and at the same time, she does not forget to complain about her difficult fate.signs that you date with a gold digger

5 signs that you date with a gold digger

In order not to get caught in the network of Odessa Scammers and immediately recognize a fake bride, pay attention to the following signs:

1. A girl begins to talk about her sick mother (grandmother, aunt or other relative) who needs money for an operation or that the TV has been broken or boots have been torn down.

2. Frankly invite to go shopping, where men buy phones, shoes and clothes. Fraud agencies insist on the interpreter service, who will hint to the foreigner that he should buy a fur coat, an expensive ring or earrings for the girl.

3. The girl initiates a trip abroad together or asks to invite her to the city where man lives, in order to see how he lives. According to such “brides”, now the grooms are wiser and they do not give or send cash for the ticket, so that the girl could fly to them for a meeting, but buy electronic tickets.

4. If the groom is promoted to a spa salon or to a restaurant, the girls will bring them only to those were they have arrangements. The groom will be presented with an inflated bill and when he pays for it, the owner of the restaurant will “thank” the bride giving her some money for such a generous customer.

5. Often brides ask for money as they need a taxi. For example, a girl lives in the center of Odessa, but she says that she needs to go to the periphery, that’s why the taxi cost will be 2-3 times higher. The man pays and then she can take a bus to get home.

In return, Odessa ladies show the city to a foreigner, goes with him to the museums and concerts. No intimacy! Men react differently and the requirements for the girl are different too. Before you are surprised that you were scammed, assess the situation realistically. Will a young and beautiful girl of 25 years date with a man who is more than 60? Of course, there are marriages with a big age difference, but they are not so many, and usually these marriages of wealthy and famous men. Ask yourself: Am I rich enough to be loved by young lady?

Why do foreign grooms become an easy prey?

Why do foreign grooms become an easy preyForeign grooms still look at Ukrainian girls stereotypically. Their main stereotype, which also betrays them, is that in Ukraine, as well as in Russia and Belarus, everyone lives below the poverty line. They see Cinderella in Ukrainian women and pretend to be princes. They write about themselves unthinkable legends, they promise the moon and the stars but the real goal is to have fun. That’s why such men come across scammers – girls who believe that expensive gifts and restaurants are an obligatory part of the dating program.

Free advice is seldom cheap. If you use the free sites services, then you should know that behind the photos of beauties the scammers are hiding or even robot programs that lure money. One client who came to Ukraine matchmaker for help, fell in love … in Ani Lorak (a famous Ukrainian singer)! He showed the photo, said that this poor girl ran away from her crazy parents, needed money, and he sent her a hundred dollars! There are thousands of such deceived men. Some men are trying to entertain themselves at the expense of girls, pretending to be one of Rockefellers’ family.

The last trend of frauds is provincial, working in the social sphere ladies: teachers, doctors, employees of orphanages. Each of them has many friends, has a hobby, but her heart is cold because, for example, she was left by her cheating husband. All of them have similar behavior: in the morning – you get a compliment for breakfast, a declaration of love – for lunch, and in the evening – intimate conversations. But less than in a month there is a problem on the way of this lasting virtual relationship. Of course, financial.

According to experts’ evaluation, only Australia sent around $25 million to scammers from the CIS countries. Hurt men in the United States impoverished almost the same amount. Then men from the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates come.

Ukraine Matchmaker

Who are these trustful foreigners? According to psychologist’s research, the collective image of overseas groom is a man from 40 to infinity, well-endowed, as a rule, divorced and not particularly spoiled by attention and affection.

In order not to become an object of frauds, it is necessary to register only on legit sites, in reliable agencies, or to hire a Ukraine matchmaker who is responsible for checking the provided brides and who is interested in the best results for you.

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