How to spoil the relationship with a woman – relationship advice

Tuesday, May 22nd

How to spoil the relationship with a woman – relationship advice

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How to spoil the relationship with a woman

Often men build their relationships with the opposite sex on the principle of “it goes somehow.” They are so busy getting money, working and making career that they simply do not have the time and energy to build good relationships. At the same time, they forget about the fact that building and maintaining relationships requires the same complex daily work as any other activity. In this article you will get several tips on how to spoil relations with a woman for a long time. And their regular application is guaranteed to save you from the presence of a woman in your life forever.

First of all you have to remember and fully proceed in your actions from the understanding that a woman is the same as a man, only a little strange and inadequate. She does not know what she wants, so do not pay attention to her desires and moods – they will eventually pass. She does not know how to express her thoughts, so a man should always tell her what and how to do. Her excessive emotionality only hinders the work, which means it’s better not to pay attention to it, but to act only on the basis of logic and a rational view of things.How to spoil the relationship with a woman

12 relationship advice for men:

The less attention you pay to beautiful Ukrainian ladies, the faster you will reach your goal.

1. Never make her compliments. She in fact should be able to estimate how she looks and what she does good or bad. You don’t want to be involved in teaching her that, do you? If, however, you are forced to compliment her, tell her without looking at her: “It’s good, as always”. This will be enough to make her understand how you appreciate her.

2. You should forget forever when she has a birthday, the day of your meeting, St.Valentine’s Day and other dates. Remember about them is only litter yourself with unnecessary and absolutely useless information. These days are not different than others, and the holiday can be arranged at any time, when you want, and not when there is special date or it.
By the way, it’s better to spend New Year, the International Women’s Day and similar days with friends or on a business trip. And you can congratulate the girl later. What is the difference when you do it? After all, the main thing is attention that she gets sooner or later.

3. Give only the functional gifts that are needed in the household. It’s better, if not only she will use them gifts but others too. Remember that postcards, flowers, candy, Teddy Bears, etc. – it’s just a waste of money. Are you a millionaire to throw money down the drain? Smart woman will understand you and you do not need a stupid one, right?

4. Do not praise her cooking at all. Especially if she cooked for a long time doing her best. It’s her job! They do not praised for the good work, it’s enough already that they do not scold. When she asks if you liked what she has prepared, it will be enough to answer: “It’s ok”, but better “Well, you could see that I ate it!”

5. Never call her. All you need, you can say when you meet her. In general, you need to focus on what you are doing at the moment, and the calls only distract you. So, if she calls you, just do not answer. And if she continues to call, strictly tell her: “If I do not pick up the phone, it means I’m busy. When I am free – I’ll call you back, “and immediately turn off. Gradually, she will learn not to bother you during the work, and then after the work too.

6. Completely exclude long conversations about everything. Discussing movies, events, feelings and experiences is a waste of time. Therefore, when your woman starts a conversation on an abstract topic, tell her briefly and strictly: “I’m busy!” Or just keep doing what you did without reacting to her words. Thus, you will help her understand how wrong she was, addressing you with such trifles.Do not let beautiful Ukrainian ladies' tears touch you

7. Do not let beautiful Ukrainian ladies’ tears touch you. One can’t, in fact, sob for any reason! You have to learn to keep your feelings inside. Your task is to help her in it.. If you do not pay any attention to her tears, she will understand that crying is useless and will learn to restrain them. Thus, you will help her become a more harmonious and balanced person!

8. Show her shortcomings to her. Only knowing about the shortcomings, a person has a chance to correct them. So always remind her of what is wrong with her. Focus on her appearance. Find more and more details, which she should pay close attention to. Do not be limited to just one mention, but regularly tell her what exactly she needs to change. It will be great if you also explain to her what she must do for it. So you not only show your attention, but also facilitate her life!

9. Do not forget to compare her to others. Only this way she can understand that she needs to grow. Constantly give her an example of other women. The more often you do it, the better. Use any excuse to show her what she should be striving for. Undoubtedly, by this you will only help her to become better! And she will be very grateful to you!

10. Give her some useful advice. She does not always know how she has to act and what to do, where to go and what to wear. So do not be shy. The more often you will tell her what and how it should be done the faster she will be able to learn it.

11. Control her costs. A woman does not know how to spend money properly, so it’s better if you take the responsibility for allocating the budget. Make a strict monthly limit on purchases that she can’t break under any circumstances. The expenses of tights, lingerie and cosmetics should be strictly controlled. In such way you can save a lot of money and buy something useful, for example, an electric drill.

Do not let her go anywhere alone

12. Do not let her go anywhere alone. Since she is your woman, she has to follow you everywhere. This approach will not only help to maintain and strengthen your relationship, but will also show you how much she is dear to you. And since you are very busy at work, she can spend time at home. And it is better if she also does not invite anyone to your home in your absence, but uses time for housework and self-improvement. Fortunately, you will not let her forget about the shortcomings that she should correct (see paragraph 8).

If you implemented all these relationship advice and your girlfriend is still with you – congratulations!!! You could bring up a new type of woman!

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