Types of Women – Dating Advice Tips

Friday, May 18th

Types of Women – Dating Advice Tips

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5 types of women you should never date!

What kind of women should you avoid in your life? Mark Twain, famous American writer, gave the answer to this question: “Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.”

Let’s look at a list of girls made by online dating coach for men of Prime Premium Matching Service in Ukraine. Such girl has an unseen sign “Explosive!” that’s why you are better to avoid dating them.

1. “I love myself and your money”

Such girls perceive a man as a donor, youth as a capital, and themselves as goods, which should be profitable to sell and to present herself to a worthy candidate. As a rule, such ladies gather in small groups in the fashionable cafes of the city and look at the men with fat wallets.

They sit back in a gorgeous and beautiful way and without even trying to pretend to be a woman with a profession. It seems to them that their true mission is to look good and impress the society with dresses. These girls are convinced that looking good is a job they pay for, so a man should give money monthly for dozens of cosmetic procedures.Types of women - dating advice tips

In general, there is nothing wrong with the fact that a man wants to be a supportive (including a financial side of relationship) for his woman, but one should think twice before contacting a woman who wants to be just under the wing and the search for a rich man is his one and only life task.

2. The Queen of Drama

Life for such a lady is a real battlefield, where she is the heroine of the tragedy, who struggles with the imperfection of the world every day. In relations with such a girl there will always be a place for complaints, night calls, blames and demands to help. After all, her life is a series of continuous obstacles and an eternal crisis. She always does more than others and suffers the most.

Dangers are waiting for such a girl everywhere, and the problem of the universal scale is even a cup of coffee spilled on her blouse. It seems to her that everyone is against her and they want to harm her – friends who are not friends at all, a family that never loved her and the teachers who have lowered her grades.

Boyfriend for such ladies becomes another source of eternal problems. Such girls, as a rule, drink a lot, pouring their sorrows with wine and vodka.

If you still look at the situation from a bird’s eye view, it is quite obvious that the real problem is not in the outside world, but in the girls themselves, who for some reason play the role of the victim 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Whether life without drama is not so bright and interesting, or you might have masochistic features to be able to fall in love with such a hotbed of disaster. Do not give in to provocation. Calmness is the key to a restful sleep.

3. “Your opposite”

The unity of opposites is a long-known law, but one should not try to be with someone with whom you have too different views on life, family and responsibilities in relationship.

Perhaps you will think that you will be able to fundamentally change the girl and make her to be as you want, but people cannot be changed by force. Of course, over time, all people change, and to evolve with a person next to you is cool and healthy for both. However, it’s great to change when you want it, when these changes please you, and not when you secretly hate them and want something completely different.

Political preferences and religious beliefs can be changed. But if you and the girl have different ideas about living together, about the future, about the distribution of roles in a couple, responsibilities in the family, then this can and should become a stumbling block. Such a relationship at some point will inevitably come to a dead end. Why do you need this? It is unlikely that any of you will change your views. As a result, both partners will be unhappy.

We can live for a long time and consider that we love someone to death, and our constant quarrels are just the natural complexity of the relationship. But you need to understand that you are just different people. Live, create, sleep and have breakfast with those who are with you on the same wave.online dating coach for men

4. Crazy fan

Many ladies are immersed in a relationship with fanaticism, becoming literally obsessed with their boyfriends. Being together for such a girl is simply necessary, and existence without the second half becomes unbearable.

She will write to you 100 times a day, call every hour, check where you are, and even track your movements around the city. If you did not reply to her message within 20 minutes, it will mean that you do not care and the relationship does not mean anything to you! To her opinion if you stay at work till late – you cheat her. Remember: the relationship with such a girl is a trap.

As a rule, these girls do not have friends. They jump from one relationship to another, because periodically their boyfriends act badly with them. Such girls tend to react to everything too emotionally and make a drama. You will be always guilty in such relationship.

Love is a synthesis in which two people complement each other. If a person replaces the whole world to the other person, this means that he simply does not have his own world.

5. Degrading brawler

These girls are constantly looking for a target in order to fight with. Soon you will be an accessory to her purse, and not a worthy companion. They will not give you the opportunity to express your opinion, and everything you try to say will be publicly criticized. With such a woman, you can hardly straighten your shoulders. Such a girl will make a steam chicken cutlet from anybody and proudly pat herself, that she won the dispute once again.

Another important definition from online dating coach for men: you need to avoid the girls who openly show themselves being stupid, or frankly dumb. Nobody says that you need to win the Nobel Prize in Biology, but if the girl constantly emphasizes her exclusivity and importance, rolling her eyes, and she says real nonsense at the same time, then maybe you should weigh the pros and cons twice.

Dating advice tips from real guys

All women are different and many men falling in love do not notice some trifles, which later may become a big problem in the relationship. There are men who are more loyal to such ladies; and a woman does not have to be perfect; but… After interviewing 100 men, we made a list of women who you should avoid to date.Dating advice tips from real guys

  1. A girl who literally lives in an instagram/Facebook/telegram/twitter, etc.
  2. She depends on the public opinion and she wants to act “like others”.
  3. She is desperate to be in the center of attention, openly hates spending time at home and despising loneliness.
  4. She is experiencing difficulties with self-irony and empathy. “Help yourself,” “I am the goddesses,” “I am not going to be your mom.”
  5. Do not respect yourself as a person and as a specialist. She thinks that career is a man’s patrimony. She posts the information about real women / men on her page in social net.
  6. Show their spirituality. Now every man will be ready to listen to propaganda clichés mixed with the desire to seem holiest. Modesty is good quality; chastity is everyone’s personal right, but it is senseless to pretend being a highly spiritual person if you are not.
  7. She thinks that “a man always must…” She is arrogant and capricious. She implies that her partner must have an impeccable, white biography.
  8. She does not see any positive qualities in a man, skim on emotions, compliments, kindness and tenderness.
  9. She declares that she absolutely cannot cook, but at the same time manages to live without a housekeeper and, most inexplicably, separately from her parents. A woman does not have to cook but anyway.
  10. From the very beginning it turns relations into a battlefield of ambitions because she is uncompromising. She uses the words and actions to compete with a man and at the first opportunity blame him for his failure.
  11. She will never call, write or suggest something first. She thinks that you have to do everything.
  12. She doesn’t let you to have your personal space.
  13. She practices double standards and hypocrisy, speculates on gender patterns and prejudices.
  14. She is an antifeminist or extremely radical feminist.
  15. Her best girlfriend is her mother, and a girl calls and messages her daily, consulting on trifles without secrets.
  16. She does not want to forget her ex and mentally close the door of her past, but this is a taboo subject to talk about, while she is interested in your past and you have to answer all her questions.
  17. She openly hates sports, and if she goes to gym or does yoga, it’s just because of fashion.
  18. She pretends to know EVERYTHING about everything.
  19. She smokes about a pack a day, not less; her favorite alcohol is beer or vodka, and she drinks a lot. She will prefer to go to the bar instead of going to gym.

But what about the girls that the guys are happy to date with?

The same 100 guys also gave dating advice tips:But what about the girls that the guys are happy to date with?

  • She excites me as a woman;
  • She does not arrange a war of ambition and does not call me a henpecked, if I agree with her opinion, take care and periodically sacrifice my interests;
  • She has an independent point of view and does not allow anyone to control her;
  • She respects me as a person and a man;
  • She doesn’t have a desire to condemn, blame and verbally lynch other people;
  • She is against women’s violence (as well as men’s, animals’, children’s, etc.) and does not consider male rudeness and uncouthness to be the norm;
  • She won’t disappear in a difficult moment.
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