Types of Ukrainian brides – online dating profile consultant

Wednesday, May 16th

Types of Ukrainian brides – online dating profile consultant

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Who are they – beautiful Ukrainian ladies and who can you meet online?

The natural beauty of Ukrainian ladies is only a wonderful bonus. In the middle of the nineteenth century, historian Nikolai Kostomarov clearly defined the difference in the mentality of Russian women and Ukrainians.

According to his research, a woman in Russian culture rarely rises to her human ideal; rarely her beauty rises above matter and rarely shows the dignity of her soul. On the contrary, the Ukrainian woman symbolizes exalted feelings, flight of the soul and passion. Hence, Ukrainians cause passionate feelings for men, Russians give them artless love.beautiful Ukrainian ladies

Gender roles in Ukraine are still different from those of Western Europe. For example, in Ukraine the ideas of feminism did not settle down. At the same time, the role of women in the management of the male world is so great that it simply can’t be described. A woman in Ukraine has always had the will to make independent decisions.

According to Kostomarov’s research, beautiful Ukrainian ladies used incomparably greater freedom: the wives of the Cossacks were their assistants and even went camping with them. While among the noble and wealthy people of Muscovy (Russia), the females were locked up, as in Muslim harems.

It means that the Ukrainian woman is a reliable support for her husband, a wise adviser, a war friend and a partner. She has no piety before a man: she can praise him as well as scold him.

This is what attracts men from all over the world to our Ukrainian beauties. Because, only our girls will make anyone love themselves for their mind, beauty and modesty.

Average Ukrainian woman

It is not easy to talk about some average Ukrainian. Ukrainian women are beautiful, economic, charming, sincere, can be frivolous and true, accessible and unapproachable, often smart, sometimes mercantile and always care about their appearance to look pretty. Many women know how to cook and remember that the way to the man’s heart lies through the stomach. Ukrainian lady is in constant search of a potential victim of her beauty and charm. And since there are more beautiful girls per capita in Ukraine than in any other country in the world, competition among the females is very serious.

Girls are very different, but still the main type is brown eyes (rarely green), full of beautifully delineated lips, straight nose, rarely slightly snub-nosed; the real hair color is a mystery behind seven seals and in connection with frequent changing, the girl has already forgotten her native color, but usually she is a brown-haired woman with long, luxurious hair.

Ukrainian women in general are seriously looking for a relationship, and they are not vain, arrogant or spoiled. They remain as they are: open, kind, polite and interested. This is because most women are well educated, grow up in certain conditions and must work hard for their existence. Recently, girls rely more on themselves and are striving to make a career. And at the same time, most believe that the most important thing in life is to successfully marry.

Ukrainian ladies from big cities or from small towns?

There is a difference between Ukrainian ladies from the big cities and small towns and villages. Although the difference is not large but in general, it can be said that women from small towns and villages are more serious in search of a man. They are more traditional and family oriented. The chances are slightly higher that women from Kiev, Odessa or another major city will become vain or spoiled faster. First of all it depends on the nature and character of the lady.online dating profile consultant

Ukrainian ladies in big cities (Kiev, Odessa, and Dnepr) can speak good English. This is the advantage for them comparing with the women from small towns and villages. They are more educated and have more opportunities to find a good job. Women in small towns and villages are more traditional and more family-oriented than in large cities. But many women from small towns and villages move to big cities to work, but all the standards and values ​​that they inherited from their parents remain with them.

Is there a chance to find a lady in Ukraine who matches you?

In fact, the largest number of single women is concentrated in large cities, and there is the most disturbed balance between women and men there. Girls from a small town go to a larger city to continue their university education or raise their earnings more often than men from the province. At the same time, it is more likely that men from large cities go abroad to study or work, unlike women. However, ladies in small towns and villages seem to be less choosy and demanding than women from a big city. That’s why they can be more serious than a lady from a big city.

The ability of a lady to adapt to a new country

Of course, for a lady who has lived her whole life in a large city and who loves this fast life style, it’s better to live in big cities than in the countryside. But there are also women who want to escape the hassles of big cities. When a lady finds her love, it is not important for her whether this person lives in a big city or a small town – she can adapt herself if she tries. New work and new friends will have a greater impact on her language, mentality, culture and relationship with her partner.

Online dating profile consultant secrets about Ukrainian women classification

  • Business women

This type of women consciously registers on the site realizing that meeting the right man is also a business, like a new project. Often they ask experienced matchmakers or psychologists who deal with dating and relationships with men to consult them, visit trainings, listen to webinars. In general, they collect the necessary information. They correctly compose a profile with the help of online dating profile consultant, put “right” photos, learn how to correctly build sentences and correctly behave on dates. They have a very tight schedule, daily for 3-4 visits. And many women with this approach find their husbands.

  • Active average women

They are really looking for a life partner. Being busy at work, they are unable to meet someone in a usual way. Conversations with such women are always clear, pleasant and honest. Dating sites were created for such women. They are good and pragmatic. Healthy pragmatism is a useful thing: they choose seriously and for a long time, they choose a person, not his wallet.

These women are mocking, witty, beautiful and a little reckless. It’s easy to keep silent with them, and it’s hard to say anything if you do not match their level. They are easy to love. They can be demanding but always are open and honest. They are perfect wives, great lovers and good people. One big minus: They exist, but there are very few of them.Online dating profile consultant secrets about Ukrainian women classification

  • Gold-diggers

Honest gold diggers- they do not hide that they need money, money and money again from you. They are looking for a sponsor in order to “survive in this terrible world”. Usually have several “wallets on two legs”. In some incomprehensible way they convince every “wallet” that he is the only one.

Dishonest – pretend to be normal but in fact she ignores you until you promise to buy Bentley for her. After getting an expensive gift, she is ready for everything.

Standard ideas of getting money:

  1. “you have to confirm the seriousness of your intentions”;
  2. I was hurt before and I can’t trust easily before you prove it to me (with some gifts of course)”;
  3. “I forgot to pay for Internet and as I am taking care of a sick mom / dad / sister / brother / child at home, I can’t go out”, etc.
  • Girls from villages

They are dreamers who are waiting for a Prince. They live in fairy tales in which prince comes to the princess living in the castle on a white horse / Mercedes / plane, kisses her gently and with the words “you are mine forever” brings her to his castle.

  • Everlasting bride

They are usually from 27 y.o. – up to 40+. She lives either with her parents, or, which is much rarer, alone. Childless, but the kitty is attached – the number of cats varies from one to three or more. Sometimes she has dogs. She is not interested in anything, she doesn’t read except the glossy magazines. She spends all money on clothes, cosmetics, economical trips abroad with her girlfriends in order to “have fun and go shopping” Periodically, she meets men, but they do not stay long with her.Everlasting bride

She is emotionally immature and her behavior often does not correspond to her age. She is waiting for a prince on a white horse. She has an extremely high opinion of her own worth, even if she has 15 extra kilograms and emptiness in her head. She is very attentive to what you are wearing on a date, what glasses are on you and what your car is. When ordering dishes in a cafe or restaurant, she acts like a capricious child and tests the waiters with questions. This type of women is completely unfit for any relationship and even more so for living together.

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