Ukrainian romantic phrases for your beloved

Friday, December 1st

Ukrainian romantic phrases for your beloved

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How to make pretty Ukrainian girl names sound sweeter.

“What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” is a popular reference to William Shakespeare‘s play Romeo and Juliet in which Juliet compares Romeo to a rose saying that if he was not named Romeo he would still be handsome and be Juliet’s love.

It’s not really important what name was given to a person you love though there exists the  science “Anthroponomy” that studies the names of human beings and how it influences on human’s character. Every name hides an enigma inside itself that consists of different sounds and has its emotional color. You can know some information about beautiful Ukrainian ladies before you meet them finding the meaning of their name.

What pretty Ukrainian names are….The most popular names are Olena (Elena –russian, Helen – English), Nataliya and Tatiana.

pretty ukrainian girl names, ukrainian romantic phrases

Elena means “bright”. There are a lot of famous women with this name in the history: Helen of Troy (who was the most beautiful woman in the world and the reason of  Trojan War); Helena who was an Empress of the Roman Empire, and mother of Emperor Constantine the Great (She ranks as an important figure in the history of Christianity).

Ukraine ladies whose name is Elena are learnt fast, they are wise and very logic, they are amazing mothers and wives. Elena attracts men with her sunny character and sincere smile. Elena’s love is long and happy. If your girlfriend’s name is Elena, you can use these sweet names for her: Lenochka, Lenusya, Lenushka.

Nataliya means “dear”. This is the most harmonic name as its holder’s strongest and weakest features are in balance. Nataliya always gets the results she wants and reaches the goal she makes for herself. Inscrutability and specific female’s aura attracts males as a magnet. That’s why foreign men like this name.

Tatiana is a beautiful Ukrainian lady and her life goal is home and family. She shares the energy of comfort, warmth and kindness. The house of Tatiana is always full of guests and she is a perfect match for marriage. The meaning of the name is “organizer” that’s why everything in her house will be in order. Her children always feel their mother’s love and they are raised being kind and happy. If you want to please Tatiana, call her Tanyechka or Tanuysha.Ukraine ladies love to use new sweet names for her beloved one and you are smart enough  to find special names for Ukrainian lady too. 

ukrainian romantic phrases

The right moment to use Ukrainian romantic phrases

Men fall in love with their eyes but women fall in love with their ears. It’s not a surprise for anybody that romantic language is very important on the every stage of relationship. It is used for showing your feeling and convincing your Ukrainian beautiful girl that she will be secure and beloved forever. Romantic and tender phrases have to arise desire and create openness in love.

In your own personal relationship you can create unique phrases that work for you and your partner. But what words can you use on your first date with Pretty Ukrainian lady? What phrases you have to tell her to make her feel being heard, seen, and beloved? Can you use your vocabulary in a different way with  Sexy Ukrainian women?

Giving compliments is one of the keys to the heart of Ukrainian ladies. Being in love we are trying to tell something special, something sweet and something that expresses our feelings at the moment. Even such usual phrases like “You are so beautiful”, “You are a sweetheart/sunshine/star/princess/flower/rabbit” or “You are cute” may sound different if you can say them in her native language. Surprise her or even make her laugh. It will make her feel closer to you.

Ukrainian romantic phrases for your beloved beauty from Ukraine

Also we would like to give you some phrases in Russian to surprise your Ukraine date one day at the right moment:

  • Ya lyublyu tebya – I love you
  • Ty ochen krasivaya  – You are very beautiful
  • Dobroe utro, lubimaya – Good morning, sweetheart
  • Vyhodi za menya zamuzh, moya lubov` – Marry me, my love
  • Ya gotov dlya tebya na vse – I am ready  to do anything for you

Ukrainian romantic phrases will be special if you whisper pretty Ukrainian girl names  to her ear and make her heart melts for you.

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