Personal dating service vs online dating

Saturday, December 2nd

Personal dating service vs online dating

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Still trying to find a Ukrainian single lady through online dating?

Nowadays, when every person in the world knows how to use internet, it seems to be easy to find and meet single woman with the help of online dating. Your first step is to find the right website or a couple of websites, register there and look through hundreds profiles of sexy Ukrainian women spending a lot of time choosing the one you like.

You write some letters to those women who attracted your attention and wait for their reply. If they don’t reply, you start your search again and write again and this situation keeps going till you get a letter from a lady. You correspond with her, you share your life, you find many things in common and suddenly this lady disappears without any explanation and replying to your letters. Or maybe it is you who lost your interest after a few letters and as a result, you start your search for someone special from the very beginning. You go through profiles that don’t have photos or any specific information still trying to find HER but it doesn’t bring any luck into your life too. If the situation keeps repeating itself, your actions are wrong and you have to change it.

Some men are really lucky to find a ukrainian wife through online dating in a short period of time. Maybe they just know what kind of woman they are looking for. Maybe they know the secret of reaching their goals. Maybe it was just a chance that life gave to them and they took it. When a man feels that he found the right Ukrainian lady for himself, he is impatient of the first meeting and tries to visit her as soon as possible. The first real meeting will be the answer to many questions about their possible future. You can find many reviews in internet of the couples who have a happy marriage and who tell us the story of how they meet online dating.

Personal dating service | dating services not online

Why are you still single?

How long have you been on dating sites surfing through profiles of ladies from different countries, with different hair and eye colors, giving the privilege to their age, weight, height and occupation? Are you sure you know on 100% what you really want to see in pretty Ukrainian lady except her outer beauty? Are you familiar with the lifestyle in Ukraine?

Checking the ladies’ profiles on dating sites, you may feel being a child in a candy shop on Christmas looking around and not knowing what kind of “candy” you really want. Learn yourself, decide what you can give to your partner and think about characteristics you want to find in your future wife.  There has to be a balance of three Bs in selecting your partner: Beauty, Brain and Body.

Even if you think you know what you want, it doesn’t guarantee a quick result because you are wasting your time for:

  • Finding online dating websites that works for you
  • Using many attempts for communication with beautiful Ukrainian ladies
  • Meeting scammers
  • Trying to be a person whom you are not or pretend to be in online dating


If you had such an experience already then the online dating won’t be the answer to your question: “Why am I still single?”

Personal dating service

What you will get with personal dating service

Personal dating service is one of the best and the most reliable dating services not online to find Ukrainian girlfriend for future marriage and happy life. Matchmaking companies will give you a personal help using an individual approach according to your preferences.

You have to find Ukraine matchmaker that will work with you and whom you can trust, who will use not only their professional skills but experienced sixth sense as well. Men and women are different and even if they want the same things it doesn’t always mean that they can be together as a couple. There are many other constituents that are important in matchmaking and only personal matchmaker Ukraine will help you in finding out what lady you want and what kind of woman you can be with.

Matchmaking is a personal service that was created for:

  • selecting the most appropriate partner for you taking into consideration all wishes and specialties of every client;
  • providing a full-service from the first personal detailed consultation to transfer from airport, VIP-city tour, organizing romantic date with a Ukrainian lady you chose according to your desires;
  • giving a certified dating coach help;

Matchmaking companies will provide not only a pre-date guidance but a post-date feedback too. They work with you till you get the result you want, till you find LOVE and get married. Personal matchmakers won’t stop working with you if your first meeting or date failed. They learn more about your values, investigate your real specific criteria and it helps them to move forward in searching the woman exactly for you.

dating services online

Matchmaking service costs money and you may think: “I am not ready to pay money for meeting someone” but it is not expensive comparing with spending the whole life being alone. You don’t hesitate when you pay for your visit to a Doctor or hiring a service man for fixing broken stuff in your house.

You may use online dating in the same way as you place an order in online shops, choosing among the huge variety of items and waiting for the stuff to come without knowing if it really suits you. When you want to get a perfect result, you go to a luxury boutique where the professional sellers propose you the best clothes relatively to your size, height, weight and preferences. That is how matchmaking service works too and why it costs money. But what also makes difference is that this work should be done even more precisely because it is all about people, their love life, feelings and emotions. Trust the most important part of your life to professionals as you do in the other fields.

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