A little about civil marriage – Relationship tips

Thursday, June 14th

A little about civil marriage – Relationship tips

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Cohabitation with Ukraine ladies looking for marriage

Civil marriages are very popular in the world no and many couples prefer to live together without formalizing their relations. Many people also prefer civil marriage as a kind of “rehearsal” before the official family life. But this phenomenon became popular relatively recently, after the sexual revolution in the 1990s that shook the whole world, which turned the understanding about intimate relationships and marriage.

Today even many psychologists advise young couples to try living together first and only then get married. But is civil marriage as good as they say about it?relationship tips

Of course, we should not detract the merits of this kind of relationship. If the partners decided to live together, but are not yet fully convinced of the seriousness of their intentions, then civil marriage will be an excellent way out. It can help to reveal many important aspects in the relationship of a couple who were previously invisible in the so-called “candy-bouquet period”. For example, they will know if their mode of life coincides or if people are ready to tolerate some uncomfortable, and even unpleasant, habits of each other. You may think that these little things are minor but a successful and strong marriage develops from such trifles. Even the dissimilarity of life styles can seriously affect the further life together. A civil marriage helps to adapt to a partner, learn them from the other side and if such a joint life does not work out, it does not matter. It is better to learn that your chosen one does not suit you before putting a stamp in your passport.

We give a simple example of the situation when a couple of “owl-lark” lives together. A quiet life together should not be expected, even if they love each other unconsciously. After all, usually bright representatives of owls are most active at night, when all the larks sleep already. And the owls will be forced to spend alone those hours when they are especially full of energy and desire to create and love. In turn, the larks who have vivacity and excellent mood from the early morning, will be extremely disappointed with apathetic sleepy owls who do not react to any romantic desires of their partner.

The same, by the way, concerns finance. Each person in fact differently disposes of his own means. And it will be very difficult to reach a consensus if the views on this are strikingly different. It is unlikely that your partner will be happy, if you spend your joint money mindlessly for something extra, not specified earlier. And lovers of living large will not be satisfied with the excess thrift of a partner.

Get the best relationship tips for civil marriage

Thus, the main advantages of civil marriage is that it can become a kind of training before a real family life, in addition, it is a great opportunity to test your feelings for strength.

Some couples generally prefer relationships that do not limit their personal freedom. But if they value each other and want to live together, then a civil marriage is ideally suited to them. It does not oblige partners to comply with some generally accepted norms in ordinary marriage, such as, for example, compulsory communication with relatives of each other.

In addition to these undoubted advantages for young couples, civil marriage can be an excellent way out for those who were previously divorced. After all, for many, divorce is an extremely unpleasant and exhausting event and the thought that all this can happen again will scare anyone. Therefore, divorced people are not in a hurry with a new marriage, preferring a freer civil option in all respects.

But if there are pros, there are clearly cons too.

What’s wrong with a civil marriage?ukraine ladies looking for marriage

In general, such a concept as “civil marriage” initially had a very different meaning than now. Previously, before marrying, the couple must have received the blessing of their parents, and only after that the marriage was consecrated in the church. That is, lovers also received a divine blessing. But the marriages that were made without a wedding ceremony in a church, received the name of civil marriages approximately in the XVI century. And only in the nineties of XX century, as we said at the beginning, civil marriage began to be called cohabitation without official confirmation of the union.

To begin with, it is worth considering the disadvantages of such a “marriage” from a Ukrainian legal point of view. First, the most delicate moment in such families is connected with co-acquired property. When parting, it is difficult to determine how to implement its division, because not everyone will remember what he bought, and what – his ex-half. In addition, in many families a man is a provider who earns more and supports the both partners, and a woman leads a household. If the civil marriage falls apart, it is obvious that the “husband” will leave everything he has acquired for himself, because he bought it. So such marriages are especially risky for women. Although, of course, there may be an opposite option, when a woman is engaged in business and a man is sitting at home.

The second legal aspect concerns children who were born in a civil marriage. There may be several problems. The biggest thing is that a mother forbids their father all sorts of relationships with them. And from a legal point of view, in she did not register her child on the name of the ex-husband; she has all rights to do so.

What's wrong with a civil marriage?

In addition, it is in civil marriages that there are more cases of domestic violence and beatings of the partner. The reason for this is a feeling of complete permissiveness for a man, both from the physical and from the legal side. And in Ukraine, sadly, this is especially common.

In addition to these legal aspects there are also psychological ones. First and foremost, public opinion, which, whatever we say, has a huge influence on Ukraine ladies looking for marriage.

Well, finally, if one of the partners, and, possibly, both of them, does not exclude the possibility to have an affair with other people, then such a couple will choose a civil marriage. After all, responsibility for official relations is much higher, and not everyone can be ready for this. It concerns not only cheating. In a civil marriage, relations are generally much simpler and freer.

We hope that this little research and relationship tips will help you weigh the pros and cons, and make the right decision in such an important matter as marriage. In any case, it’s up to both of you and you will make a decision together. Whatever you choose, the main thing is that your decision is mutual and conscious, only then peace and love will reign in your family for many years.

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