How to maintain a relationship at a distance – dating advice tips

Sunday, June 17th

How to maintain a relationship at a distance – dating advice tips

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Make Long-Distant relationship with single Russian ladies work

In the life of loving people there will always be tests for strength. One of the most difficult exams is a relationship at a distance. Sometimes a man and a woman, who love each other, have to live in different cities, at a great distance, and see each other once or twice a month, or even less.

There are rare exceptions, when couples continue to exist after 3-4 years, but their relationship can fall apart at any time. Love, living for many kilometers away, is very exhausting. Sometimes you want to feel a shoulder of your partner next to you, but it is not possible because your partner is in another city, country or even continent. Your cozy world breaks up into two advice tips

To make the relationship at a distance strong, the dating advice tips of an experienced psychologist will help.

1. You must have every day communication

We are lucky to live nowadays when mankind already has such wonderful things as a phone, Skype, different messengers and chats so you can be in contact 24/7! Yes, perhaps, the guy who sends 100 sms in the morning when he comes to work, who tries to call on Skype at the same time, and on the way home he calls and talks for hours can be annoying but if we are talking about a couple that is shared by thousands of kilometers than all these ways of communication are perfect. You should be the closest and the dearest people to each other, no matter how much it costs.

2. Your own life

How to keep a relationship at a distance, when there are many temptations around – what tips to use? After all, every day is rich in surprises: there is always a chance to meet a nice person or go to the party where one can have fun, be free and surrounded by attractive girls. Do you need to stay at home? NO. Relationships at a distance are not an excuse to be locked in your apartment. But the surplus of all kinds of entertainment is not an option too. Look for the golden mean: you can go to gym instead the party or walk around the park, look for an interesting hobby, read and go to the pool.

3. Find the way how to do something together

There are many other things you can do besides sex on the phone. Call your girlfriend when you’re riding a bike in the park, tell her how many old women were knocked off by you and how many dogs you rode around. Or you can choose the socks that match your underwear talking with your girl in the mall in real time and asking her opinion. Or you can both watch the same movie, making a video call, and make an impression as if you watch it together in the same room. Your work is to create the effect of presence in each other’s life in every way.

Create something common! A common blog on the Internet with shared access. There you can make an online calendar where you can make your plans. You will always know what your lover is doing, how she spent the day, and discuss all the events in the evening before going to bed.

Remember that it is not the life that creates the problem, but we. A little more patience, understanding, creativity, humor – then none, even the largest distance will not be an obstacle for your love.for single Russian ladies

4. Possible misunderstandings should be accepted with understanding

You can hardly avoid misunderstanding in a distant relationship. And more often it is a female’s sin. They see an insulting overtone in an absolutely ordinary sms, pouting lips and then do not want to meet on Skype. Instead of calling your girl “hysteric” and ignore her – you need to understand and accept as a fact that men and women accept information in a different way.

For men, it is important WHAT you say and for single Russian ladies – HOW you say it: they will listen to your intonation and look at your facial expressions. Hence the conclusion, even a few. First, when communicating with the help of messages, do not neglect to add smiling emoji. Second, be vigilant to any signs of disconnection and if your girl responds something weird or clearly unkind, or maybe she is silent – urgently call back and clarify if you offend her or not. Third, carefully work on the words you use – it is better to read twice what you plan to send to the girl than to explain for hours that you did not mean it at all.

5. Sending gifts and making surprises to your girl

It is obvious that you need finance and to be romantic for making surprises in a distance but you will find out that it worth it. It is easy to order nice flowers for her without telling her in advance (it is easy to find a flower shop in internet with an international delivery service). Do not miss the information about the dress she liked and saw in her favorite magazine. You have to find that same magazine, the same dress and send it to the girl through courier service – it’s difficult, but it’s possible. Be creative!

6. Use every opportunity and dating advice tips to see each other.

Long-Distant relationship with single Russian ladies

Rumors about the fact that women love mostly with their ears are greatly exaggerated. So try to meet more often. Use every convenient opportunity for this. Make a schedule of your trips, make your own dating traditions (visit your favorite restaurant, walk around the park, or stay at home with your favorite movie).

Arrange the trip in such a way so you won’t lose a minute of your precious time. Learn to use a minimum of luggage or leave some of the things at your girlfriend’s place.

Meet spontaneously with each other for only a day. Meet somewhere at a neutral territory, half-way from each other. There is no way to live without railway stations, airports and constant waiting.

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