What your place can say about you – dating advice

Wednesday, June 20th

What your place can say about you – dating advice

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What your place can say about you to hot Ukrainian girls

If you started a relationship with a girl and a few dates are behind already, there will come a time when you have to invite her to your bachelor apartment. Be careful and very attentive, because the girl will examine your apartment very carefully, as she wants to learn more about you: about your hobbies, vices and virtues.What your place can say about you to hot Ukrainian girls

Of course, as a rule, a woman pays attention to the order or its absence in the apartment. If a man is really waiting for a girl’s visit and communication with her is important for him, he will make sure that the apartment is in order. If he is a wealthy person, it will be a housekeeper who cleans it or maybe his mother or sister could do it.

We are going to open some secrets, what attracts hot Ukrainian girls attention when they get into the bachelor’s apartment and how even small detail can betray you.


If the furnishing in the man’s apartment is designed in “minimalism” style, then such a man is associated for a girl with the word “miser”. For ladies, it is a type of men who in many ways restrict themselves, but at the same time they clearly set goals and achieve them, they do not strive for luxury, everything is at a minimum, but they want women to obey them. Such husbands will limit their wife in everything including buying another dress.


Girls pay attention to the walls and how they are decorated. Certificates, awards, portraits (whose?). What books does a man like, what interests him, what is his pride?


It is important how the girl got there: she proposed to cook something for you or you asked her to go there (such a man is an egoist and demands increased attention).

If the kitchen is filled with interesting seasonings, sauces and all sorts of cooking stuff – it means that this man is a gourmet. The girl will ask if you like to cook, and, of course, praise you for the delicate taste and creative features!

Cans and tubes in the bathroom

A number of tubes and cans on the shelf in the bathroom indicates that the man wants to look good, but if the older man does it for fear, the young man is more likely out of love for himself. And what if they are women’s cans?Dating advice: Show me your apartment and I will tell you who you are


If a man is lonely, and he sleeps on the couch – as a rule, his intimate life isn’t colorful. Usually, it should be a normal bed, where you can comfortably settle.


If there is a pet (a dog or a cat) in the apartment, then the man knows how to take care, and this is a good sign for a family life.

But if a man keeps a cold-blooded creature (a snake, a lizard, and maybe even a spider!), as a rule, a man wants to be shocking, he is selfish, he wants to attract attention.

The presence of plants and animals is a good sign and this indicates that the man comes home sometimes, and he wants to create coziness; he is able to take care of someone besides himself. Withered cacti and eternally hungry cats with an extinct eye, alas, say the opposite.

Dating advice: Show me your apartment and I will tell you who you are

Many men want to seem better than they really are, but for a girl it’s not difficult to determine who you are in real life, if she gets into your apartment. Be extremely attentive, do not miss the little things and then the girl will be able to draw the right conclusions about who you really are.

Psychologists distinguish 10 types of men, which are easy to recognize by what you see in the apartment.

1. Lovelace

Lovelace is a super-lover who by his nature can’t get enough feminine attention and collects relationships, honing his art of love. He will swear in eternal feelings, give flowers and bring to restaurants. However, it is unlikely that he will want to stop his search for just one girl. Usually the bachelor’s apartment, who is fond of women, will have the following features:

  • bedroom with expensive furniture;
  • luxury bed;
  • expensive linen;
  • a large mirror above the bed;
  • scented candles on the shelves;
  • a bar full of champagne and wine for all occasions.

2. Intelligent

An Intelligent is not bad for a family relationship, especially if the intellectual level of a girl is close to his mental abilities. As a rule, the bachelor’s apartment, which is engaged in mental work and is carried away by high arts, is characterized by the following details:

  • a big library;
  • rare paintings;
  • antique furniture;
  • a brilliant piano.

3. SnobDating advice

Snob can make anyone out with his arrogance. It is not easy with such a person in life, if in his character there are no other, more attractive features that can, with your active assistance, eclipse his arrogance. What will the apartment of a bachelor, a snob, who has too high a view of himself, tell?

  • an abundance of incomprehensible things, the purpose of which is unknown to him;
  • lack of a TV;
  • cheese with mold in the refrigerator;
  • Japanese dressing gowns in the wardrobe.

4. Career man

Do not condemn the careerist for his desire to be the first professionally. This is not bad for the family budget? The only downside can be an eternal time trouble and constant talk about work. However, the welfare of the family also plays a big role. What will be the bachelor’s apartment, crazy for a career?

  • there will be all his diplomas, medals and certificates on the wall;
  • laptop of the latest model;
  • business news on TV.

5. Pedant

Pedant, with his pettiness and quibbling, can make anyone crazy. So the perfectly cleanness pedant’s flat, for which the outer gloss is more important than moral values, may mislead the girl:

  • perfect cleanness;
  • everything is in perfect order;
  • polished floors;
  • slippers.

6. Homebody

Many dream of a husband who would prefer a noisy company to a cozy sofa. Well, the bachelor’s apartment, who likes to stay at home, will not lack the folowing features:

  • worn out slippers;
  • a shabby sofa;
  • newspapers around the sofa;
  • a table on wheels so you can eat right at the TV;
  • large, high-quality TV and DVD;
  • the computer is always on.

7. The egoistA romantic is good

How to recognize a narcissus?

  • A huge number of mirrors throughout the house;
  • an abundance of man’s cosmetics;
  • a rich wardrobe;
  • his own photographs in a gold frame on every walls.

8. Romantic

A romantic is good for candy-bouquet flirting relationships, but for marriage he often turns out to be untenable, as he can’t earn enough money and be practical. Romantic entourage in the apartment of a romantic bachelor will immediately tell about the features of his owner:

  • a guitar;
  • candles;
  • Feng Shui talismans;
  • poem books on the shelves;
  • even a telescope.

9. Night Club boy

Like Lovelace, night club boys do not immediately disclose their true nature, and only his apartment will help to disrupt his mask:

  • an empty refrigerator;
  • a huge amount of energy drinks and coffee;
  • high-quality acoustic system;
  • A large collection of music CDs.

10. Mama’s boy

Prime matchmaking company

Is very important for a girl to know in time what role his mother plays in his life and whether it will become a family tragedy later. This will also tell the apartment of a bachelor who is too dependent on his mother:

  • cleanliness;
  • home comfort;
  • a full refrigerator of homemade food;
  • mom’s photos in different places;
  • women’s slippers in the hallway.

Any bachelor’s apartment needs first and foremost a hostess who would bring order and comfort. However, being armed with our dating advice, and preparing your apartment to meet with the girl, you will help her not to make hasty conclusions but also listen to her heart – because only it will make the only right choice.

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