Quick marriages with Ukraine ladies

Sunday, June 24th

Quick marriages with Ukraine ladies

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Quick marriages with Ukraine ladies

What is a quick marriage? It his is when people connect themselves with the bonds of Hymen after a short acquaintance. The time period can be 2, 3 or 6 months; rarely, lovers make a decision to marry after 3-4 weeks of mutual communication.

Sometimes it happens in a different way. Loving hearts date for years, but they still can’t legalize relations. Psychologist’s point of view is unambiguous – the optimal period for amorous meetings should not exceed 12 months. At the end of this period, you need to get married, otherwise, celibacy is either delayed for an indefinite period, or the union is destroyed.

Disadvantages of a fast marriage

Ukrainian women looking for marriage

1. The lovers quickly married after a short acquaintance, but do not have a complete idea of ​​the characters of each other. While the couple dates, everything is fine. But when the newlyweds leave the door of the registry office, then the difficulties begin. Everyone has his own habits, his worldview, and his idea of​bad and good. All this is very quickly revealed when they start living together. Even such a trifle as the purchase of beautiful bedspreads, can end with a conflict of interests. Therefore, young people have to either get used to each other or separate and that’s why, a quick marriage can be result of a quick divorce.

2. Quick marriages are often concluded by those people who were left. They need to increase self-esteem, dull the pain of loss, to show others that nothing terrible has happened in their lives. Hence, the desire to get married as quickly as possible. But such relationships can hardly be serious and long-lasting, although everything happens in life.

Quick marriage relations are fraught with the fact that the men and Ukraine ladies is very badly aware of the past each other. You can tell to your future spouse anything you want but nobody knows whether such information will be true. Who knows, maybe a charming creation, from which a man lost his head, has a whole bunch of unpleasant cases involving prostitution, drug addiction and theft. All these carefully hidden problems can come out, and then the family paradise will turn into hell.

And, of course, truthful information about relatives. Who are they, what do they do, and what way of life do they lead? Often, such knowledge is simply vital, but getting them in a short time of falling in love can be quite problematic.

The Pluses of Quick Marriage

There is an opinion that the first impression of a person is the most correct. And if it happened that a spark ran between a man and a woman, a quick marriage could be a good decision. In any case, you need to try. If it does not work, then no one will lose anything and negative life experience is no less important than positive.ukraine ladies

As already mentioned, if the relationship lasts more than a year, but does not formally legalize, they rarely end with a marriage. Therefore it is much more sensible to get married at once than never experience the joy of family idyll with your loved one.

A quick marriage is good if the newlyweds’ families have been acquainted with each other for a long time. In this situation, two hearts do not need long months to know each other.

People must decide for themselves whether they immediately get married or wait several years. No one has the right to tell them what to do and give categorical advice.

By the way, it should be noted that the institution of marriage has been destroyed in recent decades. This applies to developed countries. They practice civil marriages and a lonely way of life. In some countries this has already become a daily routine, which is supplemented by a sharp decrease in the number of weddings.

Experts believe that if the current trend continues, the proportion of people who are legally married will decrease by half in the next 15 years. However, official marriages make 90% of the population growth. The remaining 10% fall on single mothers and civil marriages.

The truth about Ukrainian women looking for marriage

Women in Ukraine register their first marriage at the age of 25, while men at the age of 28.

Early marriages, at the age up to 18 years are not concluded nowadays. If in the mid-90’s it was 8% of such marriages, even up to 10%. Now it is only 1%.

In 2014 we had almost 295 thousand marriages in Ukraine, in 2015 – 299 thousand marriages, in 2016 – 229,5 thousand marriages and in 2017 – 302 thousands marriages.The truth about Ukrainian women looking for marriage

Forms of marriage become different. Basically, the marriage is not always registered; we call it an unregistered marriage, although this is not quite the right name. But in our country usually unregistered unions are a “trial period”, after which the partners get married or separate.

The survey among young people was conducted. They were asked what form of marriage they planned in the future and it turned out that 50% still traditionally wants to register a marriage immediately, while almost 50% want to live together first and test their relationship, and only then register a marriage if everything will be ok. There is a group of young people, about 5%, who do not plan to register a marriage at all.

Tendency of the divorce reduction in Ukraine.

In recent years, there has been a tendency to reduce the number of divorces. But it is not clearly expressed. In 2014 because of the political instability there was 130.5 thousand divorces, in 2015 – 129.3 thousand divorces, and in 2016 – 130 thousand divorces.

If we distribute all marriages in terms of duration, then at all stages, a divorce is possible: both in long short marriages. But still, most divorces happen with a small duration of marriages – up to 4 years.

In the survey of 2017, it was found that 42% of Ukrainians divorces are due to tension in emotional relationships, as well as jealousy and adultery. 23% of respondents named material problems as the main cause of divorce, and 35% named moral and psychological problems as one of the important reasons including financial difficulties.

Family institution crisis

There is a point of view that we are experiencing a family crisis (many divorces, low birth rates, etc.). But there is another approach: European scientist consider there is a transformation of the institution of the family and it is changing. The family will remain, but its forms may change.

Before, the motives for marriage in Ukraine were mostly economic. 100 years back the family was mono-profit, the man worked, but the woman did not. And a woman, in order to lead a decent life, had to marry. On the other hand, living conditions, especially in rural areas (the percentage of rural population was high) were such that it was very difficult for a man to live alone. The economic conditions forced people to marry.Family institution crisis

Nowadays, the main motive for getting married is to have a dear person, and it means that the reasons are quite different than they were before. Of course, such situation changes the conditions of life. Today, a man can eat in a café and he does not need a woman to serve him. Ukrainian women looking for marriage, if you speak primitively, does not need a man to provide her. Ideally, both the woman and the man are more independent and therefore, these processes become complex. It is more difficult to choose: a person chooses because someone is close to him, and not because he can’t live in different way.

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