Dating culture in Ukraine. How to meet ukrainian women?

Tuesday, June 26th

Dating culture in Ukraine. How to meet ukrainian women?

The first date is always an exciting and trembling event, both for a girl and for a man. You may think that all first dates are always the same: a romantic atmosphere, familiarity, conversations, and meaningful views. But what is special about dating a Ukrainian woman? What can you expect from a typical Ukrainian woman at the first meeting? To increase the chances and get consent for a second date, you need to learn the culture of dating in Ukraine.Dating culture in Ukraine. How to meet ukrainian women?

Dating culture: how to meet Ukrainian women

The culture of dating with the Ukrainian woman is different from dating any other girl. If you date a Ukrainian, or you just plan a meeting, you must understand that Ukrainian women are always full of surprises, both good and bad.

A good surprise is that when you meet Ukrainian women, you will find out that they are always well-groomed, they look after their appearance, but they also love to take care of their men.

As for the negative surprise, the Ukrainians remain “cold” in relation with the men for a very long time. Ukrainian women will rarely pretend about their feelings, and if you managed to open her heart for love, rest assured that this love will be very strong and strong.

Do not expect that on the first date the Ukrainian girl will tell you the whole story from her past. If you want a Ukrainian woman to be open and frank with you, you need to be patient – this may take a month, two, or maybe six. It can be difficult for a man from another country and different culture, but if you are looking for a long-term relationship with a Ukrainian girl – be prepared for the fact that you will have to overcome difficulties.

Nowadays, most Ukrainians are ready to meet and are actively searching for foreign men who can be their future husbands. But foreign guys, as well as Ukrainian girls, are not always ready for differences in culture and traditions. So, if you got consent to a meeting from a Ukrainian girl – be sure that she liked you. It’s time to find out how to behave on the first date in Ukrainian. Do you want your date to be unique? Do you want to impress the girl? If you want it – Do it!

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Ukraine date at the end of 20th century

A few decades ago Ukrainian men and women got acquainted with the help of newspapers or friends, arranged a meeting and spent a date walking in the park and getting to know each other. People got acquainted freely on the street, on the beach and in public transport. The invitation to go to a movie or a cafe on a first date was something romantic and special. The man was the initiator of the rendezvous and he tried to win girl’s interest. The first few dates were very important for the couple, as they evaluated each other and could understand whether they made the right choice – and such meetings often became fatal.

Dating online nowadays

Today, men are looking for girls on different dating sites. They can communicate daily and in a few days know almost everything about each other. Sometimes online dating remains to be an acquaintance in the Internet, but still those who are looking for a serious relationship want to meet in real life. A date often happens in the restaurant. Nowadays it may seem strange if a person invites a girl to other places: going to the movies is no longer in fashion, but to invite a girl to an ice show, to a circus or to a dolphinarium can help to make an unforgettable impression from the first meeting.

Dating and Ukrainian women

Every Ukrainian girl dreams of a romantic relationship. She believes that dating is an obligatory part of the relationship between a man and a woman, even if they are married for 10 years.

Ukrainian women pay attention to the smallest details. Therefore, prepare for a date very carefully: choose a place and time convenient for the girl. Do not forget about your interests and that on the first Ukraine date you need to know more about the Ukrainian girl. The first date is the only chance to make the right first impression.Dating and Ukrainian women

  1. The first thing the Ukrainian girl pays attention to is whether you came on a date with a bouquet of flowers. Some men ignore this, but for a Ukrainian girl this is a very important sign of attention.
  2. Girls necessarily pay attention to the man’s appearance and the way he is dressed. You need to look not only neat, but also fashionable.
  3. It is very important for a Ukrainian girl, that a man manifests himself in everything, especially in the financial part, that is why a man must pay for everything. Ukrainian girls do not accept to share a bill like in other countries. If a man cannot give her financial stability and security, then why should she be with such a man?
  4. A kiss is very important for a Ukrainian girl and it means a lot for romantic ladies, so do not expect for the first kiss on the first date, or try to kiss the girl if you do not have serious intentions.
  5. In history, there are times when people saw each other and fell in love at first sight. But long does it take to date Ukrainian girl to understand that it is time to make an offer to marry. In view of the fact that Ukrainians need more time to understand that they want to marry just you, then count on a period of not less than 6 months. According to psychologists, six months is a period when real love comes and people show sincere feelings. It is very difficult to make such a step, if you have a relationship at a distance, and you see each other once in 6-12 months. Try to meet more often, and if thousands of kilometers are between you, meet half-way to each other. Firstly, it will save time, and secondly it is very romantic.

The most important thing in the relationship with the Ukrainian and with any other girl is trust. If you want a serious relationship, move from online meetings to real life: invite on a date, give flowers, and say compliments.

Casual Dating

In modern Ukraine, the culture of “casual dating” is developed among the Ukrainian generation under the age of 25. Girls aged 30+, being more traditional, still prefer a serious relationship. Of course, not every girl wants to get married and have children tomorrow, but she is not ready for a one-night relationship either.

In many European countries and in America as well it is considered absolutely ordinary to get acquainted and then spend the night together or date without any obligations. It is quite different in Ukraine.Casual Dating

Casual dating means that your date is here and now. You can have fun together, be close or do whatever you want but you still search for a reason if she can be the only one but meanwhile you have a “no strings attached” approach. People who date casually don’t want to find the way of solving problems as it can join them and make their relationship stronger. Once they look for solutions together, they will realize how serious their relationship could be.

What you have to decide for yourself whether you want a serious relationship or just a casual dating, whether you need beautiful Ukrainian ladies or you can find the one for your needs in your country.