Best date ideas

Saturday, February 24th

Best date ideas

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Planning a date with a lady you realize that there is a big difference between a first date or all next dates that come after the first one. The first date is a kind of «introduction» and you have to know if you want to continue the communication because you like a person or you want to stop seeing her ever after. No matter if your date is the first or the second one but you have to enjoy it and to have fun.

Usually, the first date is supposed to be in a restaurant but let’s break the stereotypes and if your date support you, there is a chance for you to win a prize.

It’s easy to arrange a date in the place you live but where you should go if you meet Ukrainian ladies.

First date ideas for Ukrainian women dating

The main thing about first date is that it should to be relaxing, both of you have to feel comfortable and you have to spend the time wanting to meet again.

  • «A cup of coffee together». This is the most usual invitation for a first date. You will find a huge variety of coffee shops and cafes in Ukraine where you can taste all kinds of coffee with different topics and it makes your date to be a cozy one. But if you plan to make your date to be a special one, you can invite a lady to drink coffee near the sea or lake, or even in a park finding a hidden bench where you can talk knowing each other. Don’t forget that coffee is one of the aphrodisiacs but if you or your date don’t like coffee, you can replace it with tea or ice cream.

First date ideas for Ukrainian women dating

  • «Feeding animals in the Zoo». Feeding and playing with animals increase the level of the dopamine and oxytocin in your brain. Dopamine is a hormone of happiness while oxytocin is a hormone of love. Love and happiness. What else do you need on a first date? Ask your lady in advance what animals she likes and make sure that she can see them in the Zoo. You can also go to the Animal park contact Zoo where you can play with the pigs, rabbits and goats or  talk with parrots. You will get an ocean of unforgettable emotions no matter how old you are.
  • «Take a city tour». Even living in the city for many years and knowing all famous sightseeing, many of citizens don’t know the history of the place. Finding a tour guide and walking with him around the city will give you an opportunity to discuss your experience together, to introduce the city for your date from the other side. Or you can find a place near buy and take a city tour there.
  • «Visiting a Garage sale or food-festival». The most popular garage sale in Ukraine is Gesheft where you can buy a variety of things made by Ukrainian designers. You can taste a huge variety of food presented by all restaurants and cafes on Cymes food market which is very famous in Odessa. No matter if you find a unique thing at Gesheft or spend a yummy-tummy time at Cymes, you will know your date and what she likes. Arranging such dates will help you to get the ideas of surprising your partner in the future.

Second date or double date.

  • «Picnic in the park».  The simplest thing are the most profound and can bring happiness. The simple things are unique. If the weather is nice and warm and you know a wonderful park where you can arrange a date, make some sandwiches, put some fruits and a bottle of wine and enjoy the first date being on the nature.

Second date or double date.

Second date should be quite different from the first on. You may invite your friend and ask your girlfriend to invite hers; you may also invite those who are a couple already. The communication will be much better if more people are involved. Double date may perform the best sides of you and your skills. Besides, there are some places where you need more people to go.

Best date ideas with Ukrainian women

  • Bowling. Some people don’t think that bowling is a nice place for a date. Why not? You can make teams with your friends and compete with each other. Being together, laughing and having fun are what matters.
  • Paintball. It’s a competitive team shooting sport where you can go for a double date. You may think that this date will be an eccentric one, but paintball isn’t for wimps. It’s a very active and sometimes even traumatic kind of sport. But you can show your lady your strength defending her from “enemies” and “shooting” them.
  • Car racing activity (carting). Put your girlfriend in a small racing car and compete with another couple. If you are active ad like sport – it is the best place for a date.
  • Diving. She will never forget this day. Ukrainian cities that are not situated on the Black Sea, will have Diving centers and you can dive in a swimming pool. This idea for a date may work in winter time as well.
  • Take a Class Together. Choose the one your date wants to go: culinary class, painting class or clay crafting. It’s very interesting and to create something together will join you and make you closer.

Best date ideas

  • Fishing. Not every girl likes to go fishing but if your girlfriend likes being on the nature and if your friends go with you, she can spend her time trying to catch a fish or talking with another girl while you guys make a fish soup.
  • Museum. You may not be a fan of visiting such places and you don’t need to visit famous galleries but the exhibition of the modern art will be an entertainment for both of you. They say that one can spend a wonderful time sharing your opinion with your significant one discussing painter’s masterpieces and trying to guess what they mean.
  • Amusement Park. A huge dose of adrenaline is guaranteed. Tall roller coaster or a train in the dark tunnel with ghosts anв witches will make you feel your girlfriend snuggling up to you.

Ukrainian women dating

It is you who have to decide where you are going to meet Ukrainian ladies and what kind of date it will be. There are so many places that where you can decide to go: theater, movie, horse racing, volunteering or going to concerts but you have to remember that Ukrainian women dating maybe the first but never the last one.



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