Date people you can grow with

Wednesday, February 21st

Date people you can grow with

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Choose the tunnel you want to be in

The life can be compared with a tunnel and every person moves in his own tunnel. Sometimes these tunnels can me common, they can be crossed or exist in parallel.

How many times did you catch yourself finding yourself among people whom you don’t know? It means you got into someone’s tunnel where you can stay but usually people come back to their comfort zone, to their own tunnel.  You can also attract a person in your tunnel and in real life it seems that this person appeared unpredictably: you meet them on the street or you get a call from them. But it is your wish that attracts others into your life.  A perceived person chooses by himself whom he wants to attract in his tunnel and from whose tunnel he wants to escape.

The criteria of choosing the right person is simple if you do it consciously. With people whom you consider to be yours, you can create, grow, show your inner world; the new opportunities and perspectives are opened for you. Unconscious people don’t choose on their own with whom they want to be, they are “attracted” to others, sometimes to destructive people, without understanding why and just letting the desire of being with someone control them.

Learn the rules and get your Muse

At least once in your life you have questioned yourself with what kind of woman among those whom you know you want to be. If there are not too much women around, your choice can be obvious, but if you are the one who attracted the biggest part of woman’s population in your office/pubs/city. To avoid huge mistakes, follow these simple rules:

Rule #1. Don’t judge a woman on her past. She could break many hearts or she could be alone for many years. The main what you have to pay attention to is her attitude towards you and how she acts when you are together or in public.

Rule #2. A woman you are going to choose must have her own interests. Don’t let her sacrifice her life for the sake of your relationship. A woman who is not interested in anything, who doesn’t read and doesn’t scoop up the information from outside, won’t be interesting for you in a while. Find someone in whom you will see the interest to life and hunger for knowledge.

Rule#3. Women are emotional creatures and their mood can be changed several times a day. But some women can blackmail you with her behavior. That’s why, choose a nice lady with a kind heart; pay attention how she treats others and if she likes children.

Rule#4. Your woman has to accept you for who you are. We are humans and we may have bad days not only at work but just because your simply exhausted for different reasons. She has to be the one who knows and feels you, who supports you, who respect your mood because she knows that you love her and you just need to overcome this period together because we are responsible for those we tamed.

Rule#5. Your woman has to trust you and believe in you. Your ideas can be crazy, your projects seem to be unsuccessful, you may want to be a President, she has to cherish your ideas and sincerely believe that you can reach any goal. How long can you stay with a woman who is not going to be your Muse? She has to inspire hope in you because behind every great man is a great woman.

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Exclude toxic women from your life

The ideal relationship is when two partners complete each other, they have common interests, they have the similar look at different things and they are on the same wavelength. It’s a dream to find such a partner with whom we feel comfortable about everything because all people are different but you can reduce the amount of toxic women around you and narrow the circle of choosing with whom to date.

If you feel that you are doing wrong in your dating life, you need a professional help from online dating coach who knows how to change your life and give you 3600 support in dating women and prevent your communication with the wrong ladies.

We live in a stressful world and we can’t avoid being stressed because of unpleasant situations but we can prevent the communication with tough people. There are some women who like to talk about their problems and they influence on your mood with their whining. There are some women who assure you that you won’t be successful. There are some women who don’t motivate you. Avoid those ladies who suck your energy and make your life stressful.

How many times did you have a feeling of “being used” by a woman? This kind of women always asks you about something, they need your help, your money, your presence in their life. You forget about your interests and you live their life not yours. Do you feel guilty refusing such a woman? Relationship is a constant exchange of feelings, emotions and actions. Don’t let such unpleasant “guests” stay in your life.

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If you respect yourself, you deserve a respect from others. If you feel that a woman you date with shows her disrespect to you (blaming you in public, yelling at you, unpleasantly teasing you) stop your relationship. Value your time. If you continue to be tolerant of such behavior, it will become a part of your life and you will feel negative influence on your self-esteem.

The old saying goes: “Once you are lied, you will be lied many times”. Everybody lies. You have to know that when you meet a woman for the first time, she will lie a couple of times just to impress you. But if your partner constantly lies to you and she is not going to change, it is time to think about your relationship. Fill your life with people you can trust.

Online dating coach will show you that the life brings satisfaction and happiness only when we move forward, improve ourselves and those who are around us, learn something new. Leave people in the past with whom you feel being destroyed, who don’t love you, who want to control you and with whom you lose your strength. Find someone who likes herself, someone who is smart, someone who will help you to be better. Search for those women with whom you can grow, become stronger, feel your own self-esteem more and more every day.

Build your own tunnels with Ukraine brides.

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