How to choose between two women – beautiful ukrainian ladies

Monday, February 26th

How to choose between two women – beautiful ukrainian ladies

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Male’s dilemma or how to make life important decision

Any man can face a situation of dating with two women at a time and sooner or later will become a problem because of not having any idea whom he wants to choose and stay with in the future.

There are different life situations when you have the opportunity to meet two beautiful Ukrainian ladies at the same time or even at the same day. For example, you met one lady on online dating site and in a while you’ve got a letter from another one who attracted your attention. And voila…you correspond with two ladies or even more and you plan to meet them in flesh. There is another side of the coin and you may be interested in Ukraine dating tours arranged by the dating agencies where you meet about 100 women at the parties and there is a chance to meet two or more women who you like. What are you going to do then?

beautiful ukrainian ladies

Let’s analyze the situation when you have met both of them, you are attracted to them and now there is a dilemma for you – whom you want to be with. How can you choose between two of them? Is it worth choosing at all if you doubt? Maybe you like to be in such situation knowing that you are loved by two women at the same time.

To make a first step towards the answer to your question, you have to ask yourself “Whom do I want to be in 5-10 years?” and “Whom do I see as a wife?” Your soulmate has to share your interests first of all. If you like night clubs, you won’t be happy with an old-fashioned lady who likes to stay at home. From the other side, maybe it is she who can help to change something in your life. Before you make your choice and decision, you have to know what each of girls like, what their interests are, what they want now and in the future. You may like one of them and feel passion for another one and what will you do when the passion is over? Love and sex doesn’t live without each other for a long time.

Your choice maybe complicated if two ladies are similar, their characters are almost the same, they have the same views on life as you. Making your choice you probably think that you may hurt one of them but you have to care about yourself and be honest with yourself first of all.

Think about these two women you date with. Who does love you or just wants to spend a great time with you having fun? Who does need only money from you asking to buy different things and pay her bills? You may follow our advice to solve this problem and choose the one before you lose both of them.

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5 tips for making the right decision

  1. What are you looking for? Ask yourself what kind of relationship you really want. Do you want a serious and long lasting relationship or do you still want to enjoy your life without any responsibilities? Think about yourself and your goals. Where are you with these girls? To understand what you want – make a pause in relationship with both of them. Focus on your career/sport/hobby/traveling. Being apart from them will show you which one you miss more and why.
  2. Analyze and make a list. Think about two ladies, what they have in common and what the difference is between them. Find the time to spend a few hours with yourself: you need a paper and a pen to write down all the pros and cons of every girl. Don’t rush, think and read what you wrote. Whom can you trust? Who is more communicative? Who is funnier? With whom do you feel more comfortable? It doesn’t mean that you have to choose the one whose amount of cons is less than other’s but you can see them without fear and favor.
  3. Your feelings. What are your feeling when you are with one of them? Do you feel being strong or weak? Do you feel being happy or under the pressure? Pay attention to your personality when you are with one or another. What features in your character do you want to grow and improve?
  4. Be honest with yourself. If you are not sure about saying “YES” to one of the ladies, you are not ready for serious relations or you date with wrong women. You don’t need to enforce yourself to have a relationship you don’t want and it can be the reason why you don’t make a choice. But being a man means to make hard choices and be responsible for your words and actions even if you have to hurt someone with your decision.
  5. It’s time to make a decision. Don’t hasten with your decision but don’t postpone it for “better time” as well. You have to be sure about your decision or you may lose both of them. It will be much easier for you when you make a choice. Remember, choosing one won’t guarantee you the happiness with another lady. That’s why you have to trust yourself, listen to your heart and that your life will go on even if make a wrong decision.

ukraine dating tours, beautiful ukrainian ladies

I can’t live without you

In fact, and let’s be honest, we can live without anybody. We are looking for the partners with whom we Can live together. The old saying goes: “If you date to ladies and don’t know with whom you want to be – choose the second one because if you loved the first one, you wouldn’t find someone else”.

Ukraine dating tours or personal matchmaker are a great opportunity to meet beautiful Ukrainian ladies. Once you meet a Ukrainian woman, you won’t need to make a choice because it is she who selects you.

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