Online dating expert for men: what secrets social networks tell?

Thursday, March 1st

Online dating expert for men: what secrets social networks tell?

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Nowadays we can’t imagine our life without internet and without using social nets. It’s difficult to find a person who doesn’t have an account on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We can’t live a day without checking our profile, posting our selfies or a photo of delicious food in a restaurant, and sharing our emotions about different events and situations.

Online dating expert for men

With the help of social nets we find and meet new people even without going out. From one side it’s a great opportunity to save the time and show your best features to people whom you don’t know. You get a reply to your letter immediately and don’t need to wait for hours thinking that something might happen. But the coin always has two sides and the other side isn’t so positive as the first one. Having a virtual contact with other people, we stopped meeting them in flesh, we became lazy and we know the news about our friends from the posted photos on social pages though we have no idea what’s going on in their real life.

How to attract women with your facebook profile

The main rule you have to remember using Facebook or any other social net is to never post anything that you will feel embarrassed after trying to explain that it meant nothing. It’s hard to avoid putting some things that you are excited about but what is your goal doing it? Do you want to check how many friends “like” your post and feel more self-confident after counting their amount?

The first thing a woman does when she meets you (online or in real life) she wants to find your profile on Facebook and to know more about you. Can you imagine what your page will tell her? Can she find any stupid video, bad jokes or even naked photos of women? You may not think of it or consider it to be important but the fact how you act on Facebook really matters.

Accepting someone’s request or sending a request to be “friends” to a lady you found attractive, you can determine if your age/height/weight, religion and horoscope signs match each other. 

Photo is the first thing that attracts us on social nets and profile photo can say a lot about you and about a lady you want to communicate with. Many profiles don’t have photos or people put the photos of animals, nature and car. How will you know who is hiding behind the profile picture? What can you do to make your profile more attractive?online dating coach

There are some secrets about dating online and only online dating coach will help you to create an irresistible dating profile that attracts many new people (including women) into your life. If you are not experienced about online dating, you will be the one of those who sends simple messages like “Hi. How are you?” You don’t know how important the first message is but with the help of dating expert for men you will get the answers to all questions and will get the skills of successful texting and chatting with following dates in real life.

What can profile Avatar tell about a person?

According to the picture in your profile any dating expert for men can determine your personal characteristics.

  1. You don’t have any avatar. If you are not a new user of social nets it shows that you are a reserved person and don’t want to present any information to others.
  2. Your photo. On the contrary to #1, your photo shows that you are an open person who has his own opinion, you are self-confident in the way you think and live. You are direct and don’t pretend to be someone else.
  3. Animals. Every animal has a set of features and the one you choose reflects the features of you that you have in your subconscious. A “cat” picture shows your independence, a “dog” picture – faithfulness, a “snake” – your wisdom, a “lion” – your strength and so on.
  4. Politicians, celebrities or famous people. Men’s profiles with such picture evidence their taste, passion and hobby. For women, it may be a sign of having complexes and not being satisfied with her outlook.
  5. A picture of a handsome man or pretty woman (like on a cover of a glossy magazine). Usually, people who are looking for new online dating only are hidden behind such pictures. They are pleasant in communication and like compliments. Such people can be even married but they need flirting and adding colorful emotions into their life. Sometimes, “virtual transsexuals” put a photo of naked women in their profile. Be careful!
  6. Angry or aggressive pictures. “Angry” pictures are chosen by people who are comfortable about their loneliness, they are very sensitive and very thin-skinned. Sometimes, they use these “avatars” for special occasions – for moments when they are in a bad mood.What can profile Avatar tell about a person?
  7. Eyes. Such avatars are used by people who can insist on their point of view, who want to attract attention and pay attention to details around them.
  8. Humor signs. These people have something to tell to the world but they don’t want to share their view and opinion with others.
  9. Nature. A person who has nature as his profile picture is creative and has non-standard thinking. They don’t like to talk about themselves, they don’t like specific topics. Politics, philosophy, science, economics, psychology are what they are interested in.
  10. Objects. Photos next to the car, on the yacht and in luxury apartment are the way how people are trying to prove their opulence. They are mostly non-confident and waiting for recognition.
  11. Black&White Photo. You will find a very romantic, stylish and esthetic person if you chose the one with such pictures.SHE still exists even without an account on Facebook.

Online dating coach knows that one can’t analyze a person only according to their avatar. You need the whole set of details to find out what kind of person you are going to communicate:

  • The groups they are signed in on social nets
  • How many friends they have
  • Posts and “likes”
  • Photos in albums

SHE still exists even without an account on Facebook

If you haven’t found someone’s profile on Facebook it doesn’t mean that a woman you met in real life doesn’t exist. Not having a wish to be “social” also can tell a lot about a woman and there might be some reasons:

  • She was registered there before but understood that the real life is much better; she might be a business lady who is traveling a lot and just doesn’t have enough free time to spend it online, posting the photos and communicating with people whom she can simply call. She just can be an old-fashioned one who prefers face-to-face communication to a virtual one.
  • Another reason is that she could be prisoned for years and just released from there. Ok, it’s possible but not with you. Maybe she works in the company and one of the contract conditions is to be far from social nets. Maybe she feels negative about showing her life to others.Social nets and your woman

Social nets and your woman

Social nets influence not only on the life of lonely people but on those who have relationship. Facebook takes a lot of time that you could spend with your partner or just fixing something at home if necessary (and avoid drama). Having a long and routine relationship, people start looking for someone to flirt and it turns into a love affair in a short period of time.

From the other side, if you have a distant relationship, social nets help you to stay in contact with your beloved one every day, make you miss her more and even call and see her whenever you want.

If you don’t want social nets influence on your face date and future relationship in a negative way choose the information you post there, make your profile to be attractive, spend more time in real life than online. And every time when you want to ask something your lady, pick up the phone and call her. Act in an unusual way and show her that she means a lot to you.

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