Russian women: national features and foreign men expectations

Friday, March 2nd

Russian women: national features and foreign men expectations

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Meet russian women and what they are like

Why Russian women are so attractive to foreign men? The answer to this question is simple. Since international marriages became popular last 20 years, the information about beauty and family-oriented Russian women extended all over the world. One can found Russian ladies in every country and even living there for many years, you will easily recognize them for their behavior, their outlook and their attitude to her husband and family.

Why Russian ladies?

Beauty how to meet russian ladies legit russian dating sites

Russian women are very serious about their beauty and they spend a lot of time and money for cosmetics. They will never go out without makeup. They care of themselves from the childhood but their beauty is so natural itself. They are proud of their appearance and like to emphasize it.


Ladies from Russia knows how and what they want and need to dress. Even in winter they will be dressed in a short skirt, stockings and shoes with heels. The will be dressed up going to the movie or just for dinner. Many Russian women are in a beautiful shape because they go to gym and very sporty. They don’t eat unhealthy food and prefer to walk to driving.

Food and cooking Why Russian ladies?

Most Russian women are good cookers and they learn how to cook from childhood.  They are perfect housewives and their house is always clean. They want to care about someone. Russian ladies are very intelligent and they can think, act and live independently. They work hard and they fully support themselves very often.

Relationship and character

Russian ladies are very faithful. If they fall in love, they want it to last forever. They will try to save the relationship and avoid a divorce. They have a strong character but they can be desperate. They will do everything they can for those whom they love. They have inner strength but despite it they want to feel themselves being small and helpless girls who are protected by a strong man.

Romance How to meet Russian ladies and what they are like

Russian ladies love romance, they love to get the flowers and they adore their men for dedicating the poems to them. They expect a man to treat them as a Princess while being a gentleman yourself. They like to get small gifts as signs of attention but can refuse to accept an expensive gift because they don’t like to feel obliged.


Family is the most important value in Russian woman’s life. Girls from Russia study, work and make a career but husband and children will always be a priority for them. It’s a part of their culture and traditions: a man is considered to be a head of the family. If you are lucky to win a heart of Russian lady, love her family too. Russian families are very strong and solid. Russian lady’s parents love their son-in-law if they see that their daughter is happy.


Women from Russia are very sociable. Usually they have many girlfriends and they can spend long hours talking with them. They often meet their friends and share their life problems, latest news and secrets.

Russian women are known as being very gentle and caring. Even though Russian women are different from western women, that doesn’t mean that there are certain rules to impress them. Western women care less about the way they look, while the Russian women spend more time exercising and grooming themselves. Most of the Russian women are very talkative and enjoy sharing their views with their man. But one thing remains true the same at all times with every woman – a man should be a man.

How to meet russian ladies on legit russian dating sites

In today’s world, it is not easy to understand if dating sites are legit or not. Be wise and learn how to check legitimate places and how to meet Russian ladies for relationship.

  • On Legitimate Russian sites not every girl has a photo in a swimsuit, of naked body parts or in shorts in her profile. How to meet russian ladies on legit russian dating sites 
  • On genuine Russian dating sites female members may send you a “wink” to show her interest with no words but you will rarely get a letter with a few paragraphs full of affectionate words and love declaration. Most women who contact you will be older and less attractive because no one is writing to them. 
  • If you send a wink or a letter to 10 girls, only 2 or 3 will write you back if the dating site is authentic. Most ladies won’t respond if they are not interested in you. It’s  easier for them to ignore your message than write a “no” reply explaining why.
  • Legitimate sites have some successful stories of married couples. They can present  wedding photos of such couples or even pictures with babies born in marriages.
  • Legit Russian dating sites have clear refund policy and Terms of Use so please read it carefully and never ticked the box that you agreed to the rules before you sign up.

Legit Russian dating sitesTo be sure that you met a genuine Russian lady, after knowing each other for a while, ask her to share the photos through email, arrange a phone call or Skype call. The first thing you have to do is to ask many questions: why she is here, what she knows about your country, if her ex-husband will give her permission to relocate her child, what she will do in new country, how she sees her future. Make sure that she is real and that you are not a victim of scammers and frauds.

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