Ukraine brides agency advice: how to turn your girl on

Saturday, March 3rd

Ukraine brides agency advice: how to turn your girl on

meet single women, ukraine brides agency“I can tell you the truth about me but to seduce you, I will tell you the truth about you”. That is what a man should know when he wants to meet single women and attract women’s attention. Everybody knows that women love with their ears but when it’s time to tell her seductive words, they forget about this magic. Touches and kisses are not always relevant but the words are needed everywhere and at any time.

First impression is the best impression

If you want to turn on a lady, your outlook has to be seductive too. Your jeans and shirt have to be clean and don’t forget to have a shower before your date. If you smell good, you already have 50% of success. Your behavior is very important. Girls like confident and resolved men but not obsessive and rude.

Think about the place you are going for a date. The most romantic and intimate place that can help you to turn her on is an apartment. Your lady has to be relaxed and feel comfortable, that’s why light the candles, find a slow music she likes and serve a table in a romantic style: add rose petals or heart shaped napkins.

First impression is the best impressionBe a gentleman on your date and notice how your girl reacts on the words you say and on the things you do.  If your lady moves back, doesn’t let you to touch her and doesn’t want to talk about naughty things, it means that she doesn’t feel comfortable yet. But if a woman stares at you, touches her hair, holds your hand, she is interested in you and ready to make the next step – but don’t rush if you want to get a cherry on top.

“If you listen to the wind carefully, you will be able to hear me whisper my love for you.”

Sexual life plays a significant role in relationship but many women are not satisfied with it because men forget the main thing. Before having sex, you have to turn on your girl and the best way to do it is to tell sweet words and true compliments to her.

  1. Every woman likes to hear nice and pleasant words. Take advantage of it. Sit together on the coach and start talking to her. Ask how she spent her day, tell her how beautiful she is, open your feelings to her. Don’t tell her too much about yourself, show your interest to her hobbies, work and her family. Whisper sweet nothings to her ear – that will definitely turn her on.
  2. Tell only the truth. Be honest with her as any woman will know when you lie. Talk sincerely  from your heart and softly touch her hand or hair. Look into her eyes and make your voice sound seductive and deep.
  3. Make it work in a distanceIf your girl feels comfortable to talk about erotic stuff, play with her imagination carefully. Share your ideas and let her tell you what she wants or what she is dreaming of. Women get more satisfaction after if they talk about their desires before sex. Discuss your fantasies but remember not to tell her too much as she might consider you to be a sexual maniac. Your conversation has to be more romantic than rude and offensive.

Make it work in a distance

It’s better to keep the fire burning between your meetings. To turn on a lady in a distance is an easy way nowadays – you just need your phone or social net. There are some rules in a distant seduction:

  1. Use simple and short phrases when you message her.
  2. Check your message before you sent it as it has to be grammatically correct. One mistake is fine but if your message is fully illiterate, it is a disaster.
  3. Play with her imagination. Use the words that may help your girl to see the picture of your ideas. Don’t send her just “a kiss” but write “passionate kiss to your neck”.
  4. Ask questions correctly. Don’t be too direct. The question: “what is the color of your lingerie?” is trivial. Replace it with another one: “What do you have under your jeans/sweater?”  or “Is your bed soft?”
  5. Never let her be bored with you. Make a challenge for your girl and always end the conversation to make her be the last who responds. Be original and unique.
  6. Don’t talk only about sex. Show your care and ask your girlfriend about her mood, her health and her day.

Secret turn-on kiss

Secret turn-on kissThe way you kiss her tells her how passionate and active you are in bed. Your kisses must turn a woman on and make her think about sex.

  1. To excite your woman and give her long minutes of felicity, softly touch her neck or earlobe with your lips. None of women can be indifferent to this kind of kiss. It is proved that kiss in a neck turns a woman on because it’s an erogenous zone as well as an earlobe. Kiss her while whispering sweet compliments to her ear and you will see how she melts in your arms.
  2. Make a pause, look into her eyes, kiss her softly after a long passionate kiss. Touch her tenderly and affectionately. Feel her kiss and let her taste yours. Kiss your woman but don’t lick her from head to toes like a dog.
  3. After your kiss, a woman has to understand that she is the most desirable woman in the world for you, that she is loved and wanted, that she is the only one in your life. Express your feelings with your kiss.
  4. Don’t be aggressive, don’t bite your lady but be loving and delicate as women like and value it. Kiss is the most effective way to turn a girl on. Make your kiss special and unforgettable.

The process of turning a woman on is very responsible for each man. What you need is patience and attention. It’s very important to feel your partner and understand what she wants at the moment, if she likes a relationship with you or not. Never press on your lady and force her to have sex. Praise her, cherish her, compliment her and your intimate life will be perfect and give pleasure to both of you.

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