How to celebrate the 8th of March with Ukraine ladies

Wednesday, March 7th

How to celebrate the 8th of March with Ukraine ladies

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How to celebrate the 8th of March with Ukraine ladiesAll women in Ukraine love to celebrate the International Women’s Day. It’s a symbol of coming of spring and this holiday is so special for Ukraine ladies for many reasons. This day is always full of flowers, chocolates, champagne and men‘s attention. But not everybody knows the history of this holiday.

Origin of the holiday

By the middle of the 19th century, the ladies had already taken some steps towards success in the struggle against property, class and racial oppression but at the same time ladies in all countries still did not have the right to vote, could not work in government, they were limited in the right to work. This was the reason that caused the protests.  In New York on March 8, 1857, the workers of shoe and sewing factories gathered for a demonstration. The ladies demanded a 10-hour working day, dry and bright working premises, as well as an equal salary with men. By that time women worked for 16 hours in a day, and received for their work a few pennies while men managed to achieve a 10-hour working day. Trade unions appeared at the enterprises. After the strike on March 8, 1857 appeared another one which members for the first time were women. It was they who went to the demonstration that day and demanded to get the right to vote.

In 1910, in Copenhagen at the 2nd International Socialist Conference Rosa Luxemburg and Clara Zetkin proposed the introduction of a new holiday – International Women’s Day on March, 8. This proposal sounded as an appeal to all the representatives of the female sex of the world to join the war for equality.

In 1911, this “women’s day” was first celebrated on March, 19 in Denmark, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Then more than a million women and men took part in the demonstrations. They sought equal rights in manufacturing. But officially they began to celebrate on March, 8 only in 3 years. In Russia, it was celebrated for the first time in St. Petersburg in 1913.ukraine ladies, meet single women

During the First World War the women’s day wasn’t  celebrated. But in 1917, the ladies of Russia went out on the streets at the end of February with slogans that read “Bread and Peace.” Emperor Nicholas II abdicated in 4 days, and then the interim government allowed women to participate in the elections. This historic day fell on the Julian calendar on February 23, and on March 8 according to the Gregorian calendar. During the years of the WWII, the holiday of March 8 was already associated with the opposition of enemy forces, the support of women by men in their difficult military affairs.

In 1965 this day was announced as a holiday in the USSR and it is still celebrated in the countries that were a part of former Soviet Union.

Ukrainian celebration of International Women’s Day

Last years, Ukrainians forgot about the political history of this holiday and for Ukrainian women this day is just another opportunity for men to show their sign of affection, to bring flowers and even small gifts.

Usually, it’s a family holiday when all relatives and friends meet for a nice celebration. This day is very busy for men as they have to find time and congratulate all dear women they have in their life: his wife, daughter, mother, mother-in-law, sister and even female colleagues at work. Men buy a huge amount of bouquets, sometimes different depending on relationship, and bring them to those women whom they want to make happy and smile on this day.

In the evening they feel tired, but very happy because they said sincere and tender words, praised and extolled women’s wisdom, courage, beauty, gave the first spring flowers and simple gifts – all that was enough for their men fantasy. Mimosa and narcissus, snowdrops and tulips are common flowers on March, 8. However, only mimosa became a kind of unofficial symbol of this holiday.March with Ukraine ladies

Not every man can find beautiful words: someone can say a beautiful toast, read a folded verse in their own way, while others prefer to speak with the language of gestures, gifts, actions.

As a rule, the morning of the 8th of March begins with the fact that Ukrainian woman hears the rumbling of the pots in the kitchen and the smell coming from there – her beloved man is making breakfast. And the happy lady smiles involuntarily, anticipating the morning coffee with toasts, kisses, beautiful words, a bouquet of flowers, and then – a nice gift and a wonderful day spent together.

Unfortunately, many men can bring only three tulips. Such a present can be made to a woman on any day, and on this holiday you should pamper her with walking around the city, buying tickets to a concert or having a wonderful dinner in a nice  restaurant or at home, preparing the room for it in advance.

In addition to a gift and a flower bouquet for a loved one, a man has to take care of aroma candles, champagne, sweets, fruits, and romantic music. Please the lady of your heart on this day, pamper and cherish her. And even if you have been together for ages, she will be satisfied with your attention. Relaxing massage, a bath together, and even a slow dance in the twilight – all this will create a feeling of celebration and novelty. You will prove your love to the woman once again.

Nowadays, even if you are in a distance, it’s easy to place an order in an international flower&gift service and it is guaranteed that she will be surprised even more because you have found the way how to show her that you didn’t forget about this day even being thousands miles away from her.

If you are a very busy person and do not always get a lot of time to spend with your family, on this day you have to forget about work and dedicate the 8th of March only to your woman. Find time for family leisure because  it is very important for your woman to get attention from you not only on the holiday, but every day.March with Ukraine ladies - meet single women

8th of March is a great opportunity to meet single women

The international Women’s Day is always a great holiday for those women who have their boyfriend, partner or husband. But for singles it is just another opportunity to go out and find their other half. That’s why, if you are still looking for a lady, you can meet single women on the streets, in pubs or in a restaurant. Don’t stay at home, go out and choose the one you like. Meeting on the street is an old-fashioned way for get acquainted with a nice girl, but the chance to get a negative reply on this day is low. Act! Move! Win!

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