Who should pay for dinner on a first date: Ukrainian rules?

Friday, March 16th

Who should pay for dinner on a first date: Ukrainian rules?

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One never asks this question if they invite a business partner or a colleague for lunch but what you should do if you go out for a date with a Ukrainian woman. Should a man pay on a first date? The answer to this question may influence on your relationship with a lady. The fact of who pays the bill will be a result of your future relationship scenario.

Mature singles always pay a billWho should pay for dinner on a first date: Ukrainian rules? Ukrainian lady.

Everything depends on what both want from a first date. If a woman plans to continue dating with a man, she will be waiting for the signs of his care, including his readiness to pay for a dinner. Almost every woman in Ukraine wants to see in a man such qualities as reliability, financial stability and courtship. She wants to know that a man is ready to spend money on her inviting her to a restaurant, making gifts and bringing flowers. If a man isn’t ready to spend money on her in the beginning, Ukrainian woman believes that he is not ready for serious relationship, he doesn’t see her as his future partner. No matter what kind of relationship they will have in the future, she will always think that her man just uses her for his needs.

Sometimes, there is another side of a coin, when a man is deeply in love with a woman and he wants to build a family with her, he does everything he can to win her heart, but she only accepts his signs of attention and wants to split the bill not only on a first date.

To avoid any uncomfortable situation, you may ask a lady her opinion in advance but it’s not a great idea. In modern world and in different countries it’s a common situation, but not in Ukraine. Ukrainian women expect a man to do the gentlemanly thing, to show them that they deserve to be the head of the family and women can feel safe about financial part of relationship. This comes from the history and that’s why Ukrainian women are so feminine. For many centuries Ukrainian women had to care about their house and family while a man had to earn money and be a family provider.

When a man pays for a woman, he wants to feel his strength and show it to a woman. Every woman feels it and looks at a man as being generous and worthy her attention. Even in the nature, only the strongest male individual can get a female after fighting for her.Mature singles always pay a bill

American sociological association made a research: who should pay on the first date. More than 17000 people took part in this research. The results showed that 84% of men and 58% of women think that the man should pay on the first date. 44% of women think if a man agreed to split the bill, it’s a bad sign for the future relationship. 76% of men said they feel guilty when a woman pays a half in a restaurant.

First date rule

Usually, it’s a man who invites a lady for a date but nowadays it can also be a woman who easily set a first date with a man. They say there is a rule for the first date: “The person who asks for the date should pay unless both parties agree in advance to share expenses”. We have to warn you, this rule doesn’t work with Ukrainian ladies. If you want to impress a woman, you don’t have to doubt who has to pay on a first date.

Some men paying a bill might think that they have a right to expect something more from a woman. Is it true? If a man invites a woman to a restaurant and he is ready to pay a bill, he shows to a woman that he wants to seduce her, he knows how to satisfy her needs and how to predict her wishes. Typical behavior during a courtship is a kind of competition with other men and a woman gets the answer to the question: “how much does she cost?” If you want to prove your interest and serious intentions  dating with a pretty Ukrainian lady,  you have to pay a bill.

The one who pays the dinner plays the girl

Psychologists think that on the first stage of relationship (especially on the first date) a woman is waiting subconsciously that a man will present himself as a father, as a defender, as a supporter. From the other side, a man who proposes going Dutch is ready to make a woman responsible for money question in their future family. Some women would like it but almost 99% of women will  think that you are stingy and mean. Men have to know that it’s a part of etiquette to invite a woman for a date and pay for her.

A man who is confident in his own masculinity will never be failed if the first date appeared to be the last one as well as a self-confident woman won’t feel guilty as she spent her time with a man. It’s enough.

Paying the bill, don’t expect that a woman will jump into your bed. If she wants to have an intimate relationship with you, she will initiate it, but you don’t have to expect her paying her half of the bill this way. Share a dinner together doesn’t mean to share the same bed.First date rule

It won’t be sound archaic for mature singles that they always have to pay for dinner and drinks on the first date with a pretty Ukrainian lady. Splitting the bill is a modern way of men’s behavior but acting in such a “modern way” with Ukrainian woman will get you to a “friend zone”. Even if she wants to pay a bill, you have to insist on paying it yourself or use your creativity and pay the bill when she’s unaware. Focusing on paying a bill don’t forget about table manners, not talking about yourself too much and walking through the door before a lady – it’s always ladies first – and picking her up before the date up is a definite.

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