About how not to scare the girl with your speed

Sunday, March 18th

About how not to scare the girl with your speed


Slow down if you want your relationship to last with Ukraine beautiful girl

For some people it isn’t always easy to start a relationship. Chronic loneliness affects the psychological state of a person, contributing to the development of various complexes and reducing self-esteem. People can be lonely for different reasons. One of them is a simple inability to develop their relationship in a right way. Both guys and girls who just started building relationships may get lost and do not know how to behave further. It’s not difficult to learn how to act in the beginning of relationship if you want them to last. One has to understand that it is almost impossible to build harmonious, trusting and stable relations in one or two weeks.Slow down if you want your relationship to last with Ukraine beautiful girl

Falling in love with someone, many couples want to have sex as soon as possible. Such a rush can bring partners to the next step of relationship (while both of them are not actually ready for it) and push them to make plans for the future together. These “quick” unions usually appear to be a disappointment for partners as they fall apart even before they start building a serious relationship. Many people who start living together before engagement find themselves being married only because “it should have happened”. They don’t think whether the relationship is right for them or not, they just make a decision to marry because of convenience, common budget and even sex.

Dating advice tips how to pass five stages of the relationship development

Before the relationship comes to  marriage, the couple must go through five stages of the relationship development, that helps partners to get a gradual rapprochement and the establishment of mutual understanding.

Family psychologists believe: many problems in relations between spouses arise precisely because before the marriage, a man and a woman missed or did not pass any of the five stages of the relationship.

First stage. Mutual attraction or foundation of relationsDating advice tips how to pass five stages of the relationship development

It is the most important stage because the mutual attraction is a start for building relationships for people who want to be together. To get mutual attraction, a man and a woman must necessarily be  attractive and interesting for each other. If there is no mutual attraction, then the further development of relations usually won’t happen. Men, in the majority, primarily turn their attention to the woman’s appearance: face, figure, manners, voice. If a man liked the woman, he wants to compliment her and invite for a date.

Most women also do not mind dating with an attractive man. But they still value such qualities as men’s mind, strong character, reliability, masculinity. If a Ukraine beautiful girl decides that a man meets her needs, then, as a rule, she agrees to his courtship and accepts an invitation to a date.

If a man and a woman seemed attractive enough to each other, they felt a mutual attraction and began to date, their relationship goes to the second stage.

Second stage. Getting closer

This stage of the relationship is the most difficult, and many couples, failing to pass it, eventually break up. During this stage, the partners find out whether they have much in common, whether they are interested in each other, whether their views on relationships, on the family, on everyday life and on many other things coincide. And if it turns out that a man and a woman are completely different people, who even have nothing to talk about, then the only way out is to break up.

It often happens that at this stage a man suddenly stops calling a woman and does not seek meetings with her, and a woman begins to doubt the seriousness of the man’s intentions and attack herself with thoughts that his silence is just a result of her  not being attractive enough to continue the relationship.

But women, can be also the initiators of the break up. If a woman in the process of communicating with a man discovers that he is frivolous, unreliable, does not keep his word and fulfill his promises, it is unlikely she will want to have such a man as her husband.Ukraine beautiful girl, dating advice tips

If you want to have a long term relationship you have to take it slowly. It’s not easy to be patient in relationship and take the time when you are attracted with someone but if you are serious to find someone to get married; you have to set a pace of your dating. Tell your lady in the beginning that you are interested in relationship with her and that’s why you don’t want to rush.

Pay attention to the first few dates: what you dress, what you say and how she reacts. Don’t try to let her know everything about yourself in details, avoid the conversation about finance and exes but be honest and open with her.

Don’t bomb her wither every 3 minutes just because you have found a song that reflects your feelings at the moment or a picture that reminds you of her.

If you had only a few dates, it’s too early to make the future plans together. Don’t plan the trips or celebrating the holidays that will be only in 6 months. Needless to say that a “wedding” topic is a forbidden in your messages or phone calls. Both of you are busy at work and none of you can text each other.

Some men meeting a lady they like have an impulse to tell her “I love you” on a second or third date. It’s obvious that you feel excitement about your new passion but it doesn’t mean that you are ready to love her till the end of time. At the same time, your partner might not feel the same at the moment you confess. Will you be upset if your partner doesn’t tell you back what you want to hear? Take your time, be patient and you will feel when these three magic words have to be said.

Third stage. ConfidenceThird stage. Confidence.

At this stage, a man and woman don’t doubt of their choice, and their relationship becomes more serious and stable. At this stage, the understanding of duty and responsibility towards each other appears between the lovers.

Fourth stage. Spiritual intimacy

It takes a long time before a spiritual intimacy will be found between a man and a woman: some couples need a month, others – six months or a year. At this stage, partners feel their spiritual kinship and readiness to sacrifice for the sake of relationship. This stage also implies mutual understanding, trust, openness and emotional intimacy between partners. True love is born between people at this stage of relations. Therefore, if this stage in relations has not taken place, it is hardly possible that a long and happy life together is waiting for a couple.

Fifth stage. Engagement

This is the last stage of relations before marriage. Very often a man and a woman already live together, trying to lead a joint household. Alas, at this stage, couples often break up. Most often it happens in cases when one of the four previous stages of relations is missed or not passed to the end. It often happens that the constant close communication between a man and a woman reveals in their characters such serious contradictions that they cannot allow them to continue being together.Fifth stage. Engagement

It is not difficult to learn how to develop relationships correctly according to dating advice tips. For this it is necessary not to rush things and patiently pass one stage of the relationship after another. You have to understand that you want to live side by side all your life exactly with this person.