The truth about wingman / wingwoman service

Tuesday, March 6th

The truth about wingman / wingwoman service

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How to get a professional dating advice

This kind of service isn’t new and it exists for more than ten years by now. It is known that it was started in Boston and New York and its idea is to meet people in old-fashioned way as opposed to online dating. Both men and women can hire a wingman or wingwoman to go out with them. They are those who support and help their clients in finding a partner of their dreams.How to get a professional dating advice

Wingman/wingwoman service is for those who are tired of dating online. There are some risks in dating online:

  1. You are attracted to the photo you see in profile but in real life it appeared that people look quite different from what you expected.
  2. You start virtual relationship and endue a person you communicate with the characteristics that are not real.
  3. You never know if chemistry you’ve got through your online communication will be still there when you meet in real life…and IF you meet in real life.

Nowadays, it is not easy to find a single person among your friends, work colleagues or neighbors who can be your wingman and go out with you for a date when you need. That’s why the professional wingman service exists and prospers. Besides being with you on a date, such service includes: seminars, counseling and professional dating advice from what you have to dress (style consulting) to educated dining and full dating assistance.

Wingman will demonstrate you his social skills accompanying you to social events, he will help you to talk to women and to make new friends, to set new dates and to feel confident. Wingman is a kind of coach who will bring you to the bar, restaurant or social event, pointing out those women who are the most compatible with your personality. Before and after such meetings you will get dating expert advice  about what kind of women  you are interested in and why you didn’t approach them being in the bar; what mistakes you did trying to flirt with the women and how to avoid them in the future.

What a wingman does for you

Professional wingman is the one who wants to help you to improve your life. That’s why every client has to apply for coaching before personal meeting with a wingman. If you are looking for intimate relationship only, you can find other services that work with it. After having a meeting with you, a wingman will know everything about you: what efforts you did before to meet a woman; whether you really want/ready for relationship or not; maybe you just need a recovery from previous relationship instead of finding a serious partner. This analyses sorts out the potential clients and those who just want to hang at night.What a wingman does for you

The main task of the wingman is to push you outside of your comfort zone, to see how you act in social environment and if you are ready to move forward and change your life. It might be a challenge for a person to be effective in meeting new people and that’s why a wingman is ready to help you in different places such as: on the street, in the bus or in the mall, everywhere you want to go – he will accompany you, support you, direct you and help you.

A Professional Wingman has to be a perfect psychologist. He has to know you like a best friend: all your likes and dislikes, your strong and weak sides and the type of woman you like. He has to feel you, otherwise he will choose the date for you according to his tastes and preferences.

If you meet two ladies in the bar, a wingman is a guy who cares about you and who chases a girl who is least attractive so the prettiest one will be for you. He used his seduction techniques and when both girls are approached by men, the wingman always starts the conversation first with the ugly girl. The idea is that the pretty girl feels comfortable and happy that her ugly friend has found a man and she is open for meeting a man. And from this moment, a magic starts working: you have to remember everything you taught with a wingman before and apply your skills. Learn and practice as only practicing will bring you the result you expect.

Who needs a wingman and how it works

To hire a wingman isn’t cheap and maybe it is one of the reasons why it is more popular among men than women. Those men who want to go out for a date with a right woman but don’t know how to break the ice on their own, need dating expert advice and professional help from a wingman.

If you are the one who doesn’t initiate the first steps, who is scared of starting the conversation, who isn’t comfortable with potential dates and feel terrible in social environment, you need a special treatment from a wingman.

If you are a busy person who can’t find a woman because you are scared you may not be able to meet people outside your office, you have to maximize your date experience with a wingman and discover the life outside the building you work in.professional dating advice / dating expert advice

Most people do the biggest mistake not having a wish to make a move and change something in their life. They have a fear of rejection and it prevents them to take a risk, ask for a date, go out, meet new people. Fear is one of the things that has to be under our control. Don’t be afraid to hear “NO” from anyone. Today it is “NO” but tomorrow it is “YES”…continue moving, make your own steps, try, search, work on yourself. The success doesn’t come to those who do nothing.

If you have already tried to go out with your male buddies (thinking that they can be a good wingman) who made you shy saying stupid thing to ladies like “my friend picked you because you are sexy”, you will get better results taking a wingwoman who is better at hitting on women than you are.

Don’t underestimate the value of finding the right wingman / wingwoman  that will work with you and for your benefit as he has to be an invaluable assistant for you. In our company we are always happy to provide you with this type of service.

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