Dating advice for the first date: never ask these questions

Tuesday, December 12th

Dating advice for the first date: never ask these questions

First Date and  10 Dating advice to make it successful

A perfect first date is a date when the time flies so fast that being in a restaurant a waiter has to remind you that they’re closing, when you look in each other’s eyes and hungrily catch the information, when you don’t want to let her go home because you realize you can’t wait till tomorrow to see her again. Deep inside, you know already that there will be a second date because you had chemistry and your connection can be more serious.

How many times your first dates ended up without any chance to meet a lady once again? Have you ever analyzed or thought over the situation? Have you ever asked yourself: “Why?”

If you want your second date never happens again with Ukrainian lady, you should ask “forbidden” questions on the first date. Remember: financial, religious, political, intimate, private and just stupid questions are not allowed when you meet Ukrainian women for the first time.

Attention! Asking the following questions you will never waste your time or money on second date:

  • What do you want to do tonight?

If you invite a beautiful Ukrainian lady for a date, you have to be prepared for this night, choose a restaurant, night club, theater or movie but don’t show her that you weren’t thinking about it. If it is hard for you to decide, make a list of options and let her  choose.

  • What dating apps are you on?

The answer will give you the wrong information about a lady. If she tells you that this is the first date for her for a long time and she is registered only on one app, you might think that she is a loser or something is wrong with her. If she tells you that one can find her in different apps, you may have a wrong impression that she is just a serial dater. The same she might think about you when she makes a decision to ask the same question. This kind of question may lead to misunderstanding, to suspicion and wrong expectations.

  • Why are you still single?

Is there anything wrong to be a single? Are you ready to reply this question? Maybe a Ukrainian lady whom you invited for a first date is too picky or maybe she doesn’t meet her soulmate yet. If you like a girl who is sitting across from you, if she is really beautiful and amazing, don’t ask her “why”, just be happy that she agreed to meet you.

Dating advice for the first date: never ask these questions

  • When was your last relationship?

Never ask or talk about past relationships on the first date. Concentrate on your current date. This question may arise negative feelings, sad memories. If she came to a date, it’s all over now.

  • What are you looking for in a relationship?

Another question for a second date. Asking Ukrainian lady this question you put a pressure on her; it sounds like you want to get the information of what she wants so you can be that man or just play that role. If you meant to be together, you will know what kind of man she needs but later, for now just enjoy the first date.

  • How many people have you slept with?

This question is never really appropriate. You can’t ever ask your partner about it especially on the first date. It’s too private and too personal and you probably may never know the truth even if you are married for 10 years; but being a stranger on the first date, you will always remain in this status for her and you may never see her again after asking this question.

  • Do you always eat/drink this much?

This question have no tact. It shows that you count every penny from the first meeting and that you like thinner or skinny partner. If you ask this question, you are a loser and you have to avoid this red-flag.

  • How much do you earn for living? Do your own your apartment/car?

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. If you think that you can ask question about financial situation of your date, you are wrong, you are just being rude. Some people can’t be very open on the first date and tell you about their bank account.

  • How’s your relationship with your parents?

You can ask other questions that help you to understand her relationship with parents, like “How do you usually celebrate your birthday/Christmas/Easter?”, “What is the brightest moment from your childhood?” If the relationship with the parents are not good, she may have some issues explaining it on the first date.

  • Tell me about yourself

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It’s the most awkward questions. What do you want to know about her? Ask specific questions about your interests and hobbies, about her friends and favorite flowers. It’s not a job interview, it’s a date…your first date and it has to be special, romantic and perfect.

The list of forbidden questions is not complete, but this dating advice help you to understand what topics should be not discussed on the first date. Always respect a person you are going to date with and never ask the questions that you don’t want to be asked too. Avoid personal and delicate questions. Talk about hobbies and interests, favorite books and  movies. Try to make her laugh and show that you have a great sense of humor.  Once you become closer, you will find answers to all questions.

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