How to start the relationship! Tips for men only!

Sunday, December 10th

How to start the relationship! Tips for men only!

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How many attempts did you make for finding a match? What kind of resources did you use? Are you still single? Do you feel being lonely or…unsuccessful in your search? Do you still think you can find the right partner for yourself using online services? Have you ever questioned yourself if you need a dating coach who helps you? What’s wrong in your actions if you still don’t find your love?

Let us help you with online dating tips for men

Online dating is like an ocean where you go fishing trying to catch the biggest fish. When you go fishing, you never know what will be the result at the end, but you know that you need a boat, fishing rod and other tackle box. Online dating tips for men may help you to find a lady in the huge internet sea.

online dating tips for men

  1. Know what you are looking for. What kind of relationship you want: just a rendezvous, a one-night-stand or a serious relationship. Depending on what you want, create a profile honestly telling your desires and preferences. Register on serious sites if you are looking for serious relationship.
  2. Be different from other men. You can create a woman’s profile for a day and understand how other men communicate with women. It helps you how to avoid the wrong way of communication.
  3. Actions show more than words. You have a lot of skills and good features but don’t describe yourself like “funny, kind, attentive”. Instead, tell her a funny joke to make her laugh, show her that you are attentive in a special way (you may send her flowers or a short message asking about her day/health/mood). Ladies love with their ears but make decisions according to actions.
  4. Choose the right picture for your profile. You will be ignored by women if you put your official photo (from your passport) or if it is a smiling selfie half-naked in the bathroom. The best photo is where you don’t look in the cam and when you do something. Your photo might spark a curiosity and arise many questions that a woman will be ready to ask you.
  5. Your first message/letter. Always personalize your messages, add ladies name in the beginning. Then you can use your special sweet words when your communication will last for a couple of days but not in the beginning. Never write: “Hey, you…how are you?”
  6. Compliments. In the beginning of online communication, compliments have to be used carefully. You don’t know a girl well enough to tell her “you are hot” or “you are so sexy”. She receives such messages every day from other men. Refrain from asking for sex at the initial stage. It’s one of the worst ways to start a conversation and you probably won’t get any reply from a lady…never again.
  7. First meeting. If you really like her, you have to arrange a first meeting. Don’t wait too long before you meet her in real life as it might be different from what you were expecting  since you had online communication.

Online dating for men is a huge variety of experiences but no matter whom you are looking for and whom you meet at the end, you have to remain being honest, being yourself and reach your goal in finding true love.

The benefits of online dating coach for men

What is special about online dating coach for men? Is it useful for you? The answer is YES and that’s why:

  • Dating coach for men provide you with a special service to improve their clients’ success in dating and relationships.
  • Dating coach for men  discover the personality of their clients through discussion, role-playing and behavior modeling.
  • Dating coach for men  trains clients how to meet Ukrainian girl and attract romantic partner
  • Dating coach for men will find the mistakes you’re making trying to meet Ukrainian ladies, and will teach you how to easily step over them.

If you want to succeed in building relationships of your dreams, you need a professional help of online dating coach.

Elena Vygnanyuk  is  CEO of Prime (matchmaking company), psychologist , coach and matchmaker with 13-years experience in the field of international dating, MBA degree and great passion to what she does. Being  online dating coach for men Elena also provides clients with the coaching sessions to enhance their chances to reach their goals and meet their second halves.

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