The truth about dating younger women

Wednesday, December 13th

The truth about dating younger women

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Mature singles in relationship with a big age gap

Mature singles in relationship with a big age gapNo one can be surprised today meeting a couple with a big age gap. Every day, there seems to be another outrageous new celebrity coupling announced via pictures and the list of famous couples with a big age difference is endless:

  • Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey: 13 years
  • Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham: 20 years
  • Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart: 22 years
  • Donald Trump and Melania: 24 years
  • Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones: 25 years

Multiple studies and researches insist on dating younger women for many reasons. Older men who choose young Ukrainian ladies for dating live longer and are in better health, it is also more enjoyable to have a young girlfriend. So, if you still have an interest for dating younger Ukrainian women, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that they have the same interest in dating you.

Ukrainian women are attracted to older men at any age and they prefer dating men who are 10 or more years older than they are for multiple reasons.

First reason is that older men is more experienced in life

First reason is that older men is more experienced in life. They are mature singles who have a wisdom already and who deeply understand what they want in life. Every Ukrainian lady wants this kind of man.

A second reason is that older men are on a certain position in life already. They are on the top of their career, they are financially stable and it makes them being reliable and attracted by Ukrainian ladies.

The third and the main reason is that older men are known for being emotionally stable as well. They avoid any dramatic situation as they’ve had it already in their previous relationships with women.

Women, both younger and older, don’t like mind games, they want the relationship to be clear, and this emotional maturity attracts Ukrainian women looking for men, serious and long-term relationship.

No matter how old you are, you will always take an advantage of those guys who are of the same age as young lady. You have a lot of qualities that are attracted by younger women. You don’t have to think that your age might be an obstacle to meet and start dating with hot Ukrainian girls who are younger than you.

Some women may feel insecure to date with an older man, don’t try to attract her attention acting or looking as a young one, just be yourself and show to her that the age difference isn’t important to you, bring her to your level and show her what mature life is. Teasing her about your age gap, making her laugh about how young and naive she is, will make her feel comfortable to be in relationship with an older but mature singles.

Of course, we are not talking now about absolutely all Ukranian ladies. Some of them definitely prefer men of their age or even younger ones. People are all different, anyway in our society it is not that rare case when people have big age difference being a couple.

Young Ukraine beautiful girl in your life. Do’s and don’ts recommendations

Young Ukraine beautiful girl in your life. Do’s and don’ts recommendations

Young Ukraine beautiful girl will bring an amazingly new energy and exciting atmosphere in your life. But before you make a decision to date with a younger lady or not, you have to realize all pros and cons of your May-December relationship. Following do’s and don’ts should help you in understanding of what you can get having a relationship with a younger lady.

  1. Do. The relationship with younger woman has to be the same as you would have with someone your own age.
    No matter how old you are, just be yourself. Never pretend to be someone else or act weird. Just go with the flow, don’t be nervous. Relax! Let her enjoy the date with a mature man.
  2. Do. Be open and understanding.
    By the time you meet her, you probably have your past experience and children from your previous marriage. Never hide this information from young lady. She has to be related to your life and her wisdom can be a pleasant surprise for you. She may not have the same experience, but you may find out how emotionally intelligent she is. And remember, showing your feelings is the best way to melt woman’s heart. Being younger doesn’t mean she can’t experience the same feelings as you do.
  3. Do. Show that you are emotional mature.
    Why does she date with you and not with someone of her age? The answer is simple because of your emotional maturity. You can propose her a true emotional partnership in relationship and never play mind games with her. It will be your strength that the younger woman is waiting from you.
  4. Do. Stay calm in the face of drama.
    Younger women are familiar for accepting the things in a very dramatic way and act like the tragedy happened in their life. The best you can do in such situation is stay calm, propose your help in solving her problems and show her that shecan rely on you. Stability that the older man can bring in relationship is what younger women is looking for. So bring it!
  5. Do. Let her live her own life
    Your interests may not coincide, you may not like her friends and going to the night clubs with her, but it doesn’t mean that you have to limit her time or her life and make her act the way you want.

There are also some don’ts that may be a red flag for your relationship with younger lady.

  1. Don’t chase her.
    Younger women like to feel the freedom and they just left her family nest and escaped from controlling parents, so don’t chase. Let her live her life and you will get her appreciatio.
  2. Don’t try to buy her.
    Your career is probably better than hers because you are older. You earn more money and try to show your attraction with expensive presents but she can be offended if you try to buy her. However, there is a type of young girls who may like all the expensive gifts and trips to the Islands. You have to know that with this kind of girl the relationship may end up too fast and it will cost you a lot more than just money. Don’t mix up the generosity and showing off.
  3. Don’t use such expression like:
    “It was many years ago when I was your age…”
    “You are still a little girl….”
    “I don’t think you were even born when …..”
    Always think of what you want to say and in what way. Younger ladies are, like most women, resentful. Control the tone you are talking to her, be more supportive than patronizing. Even if you know the answers to all questions, don’t let her feel that you are her Daddy.
  4. Don’t let her take advantage of you
    Do you really want it? Each of us wants to be loved for who we are, for our heart and our behavior but not for the size of our wallet.
    Even if Ukrainian beautiful girl is young she has to act as a woman first of all but not a child.
  5. Don’t expect too much
    Dating with younger woman, you also have to keep in your mind that her life is going to change and you will be the observer or even participator of those changes. You have to be open and ready for these changes, support her and help her to become all she can be. You also have to face the reality and ask yourself if she is going to be with you after all the changes and if she remains the same person you knew in the beginning.

The main secret of long lasting relationship with a big age gap is Love. So what you both should do is to keep your love fire burning and having the example of famous couples with the age difference, you have to believe that everything is possible. You never know what you get till you try.

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