Honeymoon period and it’s goals – russian ladies for marriage

Sunday, May 13th

Honeymoon period and it’s goals – russian ladies for marriage

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Main goal of relationship with single Russian woman in a honeymoon period

Starting any relationship, you do not want to think too much about what awaits you ahead with your new partner but there is only a desire to enjoy what you have now. After some time you begin to realize what you can take out of these relationships, and how they will develop further.

All relationships are different, but they develop in the same way for all couples. The first and most important period in the relationship is the honeymoon stage. The period is known to many people, because everything begins with it and all couples pass it.

The honeymoon phase is the name of the period in the relationship, which begins with the first date of the enamored couple and ends with their decision to live together. This is the most romantic stage in the couple’s relationship. The honeymoon period is full of kisses and gentle touches. At the initial stage of this period, the guy is always the first who invites a single Russian woman to a date. He buys her bouquets of flowers and sweets to please her.

During the honeymoon period, both lovers are afraid to leave each other even for a minute. They look into each other’s eyes with tenderness all the time and share many touches. Both partners want to merge into one inseparable whole. They want to be everywhere with each other, dreaming about living together for a long life and ending it in one day. Such behavior indicates love.

The feeling of love at the honeymoon period arises under the influence of a number of hormones. Thanks to hormones, the heart of a man in love starts to beat faster remembering his partner, even more it beats when he meets her. The same happens with a girl. Lovers see in each other only good, so this relationship in this period is sublime and inspired. One tries to please another, bring joy, shares a positive mood. Throughout the honeymoon period, every person is crazy in love and loses his head.

It is impossible to say exactly how long the honeymoon period lasts in a relationship, as it is individually for each couple for someone it lasts only a month, and for others –for a year. The honeymoon period begins with the meeting of a man and a woman, from the moment of their love. Thanks to hormones, life seems to be brighter for each of the lovers than it really is, and they make up a whole world for each other.

In the honeymoon period, everything seems fine to a man, and especially his second half. They like appearance, voice and a person becomes thoughtful, he seems to be intoxicated, nothing interests him, except what his partner is doing during a day.Honeymoon period and it's goals - russian ladies for marriage

Different stages of honeymoon period

In the first stage of the honeymoon period, people are just beginning to get to know each other; they like to make surprises or just want to be around all the time.

The beauty of the honeymoon period is that it does not matter where to be, it is important who is around.

Usually, it is the man who invites the woman for a date first, but if a woman begins to show initiative, it means that the honeymoon period develops and moves to the next level. A woman should be proactive, but at the same time take into account the wishes of her partner, ask his opinion in advance, so that both could feel good in relationship

The next stage of the honeymoon period can be learned from the fact that it becomes unimportant who and whom should call first. A woman may call first to chat or invite for a date.

Some women make a lot of mistakes at this stage and behave too intrusively, and assure themselves that the man is not interested in them anymore. They do not think that maybe he has a lot of work, he might be busy, and he has a meeting with colleagues. Russian ladies for marriage immediately imagine the pictures of cheating and that’s why many couples break up, without getting to the end of the honeymoon period.

At the first stage of the honeymoon period, the partners have already learned all about each other, now it’s time to get acquainted with friends, who will also tell a lot about a person. The main thing when you meet your partner’s friends is to be yourself and not pretend to be the person who you really are not. However, it is important to act in such way to make the friends of your partner to be your friends too because, as we know, friends greatly affect the duration of the relationship.

A little later in the honeymoon period there comes a time when it is necessary to get acquainted with the relatives of a loved one – their family. It is important to remember that their parents are nervous about your meeting too. You have to show the seriousness of your intentions as it will create a positive mood for the parents.

If the lovers feel that the feelings are a little pacified, this indicates that the honeymoon period has passed. Partners begin to soberly assess all the advantages and disadvantages of each other. They get used to each other and begin to behave more naturally and talk about things they do not like.

Relationships after the honeymoon period are slightly aggravated. Quarrels begin, and everyone begins to see in his lover only flaws and constantly talk about them. It happens that at this stage the couple separates, or everyone begins to seek a new love affair. They can find other partners for themselves, but with each of them will happen the same thing again – the relationship after the honeymoon period, in which the phase of disgust comes.

After the passions of the honeymoon period have subsided, quarrels happen rarely, and they are no longer so fatal. Each of the partners knows that in any case the quarrel will end, and the relationship will be restored.Main goal of relationship with single Russian woman in a honeymoon period

Relationships after the honeymoon period are distinguished by the wisdom and patience of both partners. Passing through quarrels, difficulties and resentments, the couple becomes really strong. Lovers have become not just close people; they have become best friends who can share the most intimate, without thinking about what kind of reaction they can meet in response. Healthy criticism and irreproachable acceptance of views is what every partner should radiate. The friendship of partners is a sign saying that the honeymoon period has come to an end and a crucial moment has come in the relationship – the beginning of mature love.

Many people consider that love exists only in a honeymoon period, and everything that happens after it is just a habit that has nothing to do with romantic relationships. But in fact, after the honeymoon period has passed, the most sincere and true love begins

How to bring honeymoon phase through your love life

The romance of relationships does not depend on how long the honeymoon period lasts, but on the personalities themselves. If both people work on the relationship, then they must distribute responsibilities equally, and both will not have anything to complain about. Each of the partners should take care of the mood and feelings of the other.

Respectful attitude, pleasant little things, interest in a partner, showing attention and other actions should support romance in a relationship. Thanks to such trifles, the honeymoon period can be extended till you are old and grey.

It is good to go out to the movie together, to the theater or restaurant, to study unknown places and to admire the discoveries together. Try to come up with something that would interest the second half, perhaps surprise them with a new dish or show a landscape that she still does not know. You can make unplanned gifts to each other. So, a man can bring flowers to a woman for no reason, and a woman can buy a shirt for her man that he would definitely like.

In every love and family couple, independence of the individual must be preserved. That is, Russian ladies for marriage should not dissolve in a man and live completely for him and his interests. She must find a personal hobby that she would do in her spare time. Also, a man can do what he wants, for example, meet with friends or go to gym. It requires a certain period of time. However, you can notice that this individual pastime leads to the fact that lovers tend to appreciate the time spent together.

How to bring honeymoon phase through your love lifeEven after the end of the honeymoon period romantic love does not go away, it is transformed, but remains due to the efforts of both partners. It has its own charm, as the partners already know each other well enough, they know the way how they can surprise and please each other. The initial stage of the honeymoon period passed, and the feelings they had before won’t be returned, but a lot of interesting and exciting events are waiting for them in the future.

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