Why Ukrainian ladies marry foreign men today – sexy ukrainian women

Saturday, May 12th

Why Ukrainian ladies marry foreign men today – sexy ukrainian women

The amount of marriages between Ukrainian women and foreign men increases every day

Historically, there are not so many single men in Ukraine who could become a good husband and a caring father. The origin of this problem is the death of millions men during the World War II. The number of men in Ukraine is several times smaller than women. That is why women are interested in finding the right man and increasingly dream of marrying a foreigner. Unrequited love at home, financial crisis, or simply a desire to live in a more civilized country – these are the main reasons to leave Ukraine.The amount of marriages between Ukrainian women and foreign men increases every day

  • Every woman wants to live in a beautiful and promising country because:
  • she wants stability and confidence, a bright future for herself and her children;
  • she wants to travel and afford a decent vacation, such as she could see in Hollywood movies;
  • she wants sincere and honest relations without lie and cheating;
  • she wants to know that she is cared, loved and won’t be betrayed;
  • she wants to trust her man and just relax.

Most Ukrainian women believe that all their dreams will come true with their foreign husband. They believe that in his homeland the woman does not worry about what to buy and how to feed the children tomorrow, that the winter boots are worn out, that the salary is delayed, and the washing machine does not work again. They expect not to have such problems after marriage with the man from abroad. They want to have the opportunity to devote time to themselves, their families and their hobbies.

Why sexy Ukrainian women dream about finding a husband abroad

What Ukrainian women know about foreign men makes them think that they could be the best husbands ever:

  • It is fashionable and prestigious to be successful if you live abroad. Men do not drink a lot like Ukrainian men and they are not lazy to work, because they perfectly understand that on their shoulders lies the burden of responsibility for the whole family. They always have a clear goal to which they are unwaveringly striving. They do not blame anyone except themselves in their failures.
  • Foreign men (usually) do not even have a thought of cheating because they do not understand why they should do it when they have such a beautiful woman. In everyday life, they do not share responsibilities with their wives. If a man can cook food, look after his children, wash the dishes – he will do it and the woman will not have to ask him. He will do it himself with no reason, just because he is such a person.
  • Foreign men do not expect that someone will do cleaning for them or wash the dishes, because they don’t think that it is only a woman who should clean up. Home duties there are not divided into male and female.Why sexy Ukrainian women dream about finding a husband abroad
  • They really appreciate their wives. For Western men, it’s okay to go for a walk with the baby, and let his wife rest. They love their women and do not want to load them with extra work. When he has a free time, he will certainly offer his help.

Ukrainian women are ready to find if it is a Myth or Reality getting married with a foreign man. That’s why sexy Ukrainian women find international dating services for serious relationships, marriage agencies and dating sites only for one purpose – to find a fiancé from America, Europe, Canada, Australia and other countries.

Marriage with the foreigner. Is it a modern fashion or a search for real feelings?

Many young girls have no interest to the consequences of marriage. For them to marry a foreigner is a fashion of young and inexperienced. They explain the reasons like this: marriage can be unsuccessful, but it will allow them to leave the country. Therefore, they are not interested in how to make this marriage successful and long-lasting. A special topic is the responsibility of marriage agencies to their female clients.

There is no law in Ukraine today in which the rights and obligations of clients in marriage agencies would be described, as well as the responsibility of the agencies themselves. The first country that adopted the law on the marriage agencies responsibility is the United States: the marriage agencies must demand a medical report from the men about their mental health, previous marriages and the divorce reasons, as well as criminal history.

If you want to be a client of marriage agency Odessa Ukraine, it is necessary to ask the history of their clients. But many marriage agencies are not interested in fully informing their female clients, since their business depends on the number of deals (legally registered marriages, or long-term acquaintances, or at least short-term acquaintances, for which a foreigner is willing to pay). To do this, you have to cooperate only with those marriage agencies that have a long experience in this sphere, positive reviews and happy clients.

Two sides of the same coin

For almost two decades the attitude of Ukrainian women towards marriage with foreigners has changed. In the mid-1990s, Ukrainian ladies were ready to go anywhere and marry anyone just to escape poverty in their country. Most ladies didn’t trust marriage agencies but now they are very active in their search because they are not going to get rid of poverty, but find a worthy man.

Many of Ukrainian ladies, even with the help of marriage agency Odessa Ukraine, marry not for convenience, but because of love. Many Ukrainians, after marrying foreigners, get a higher status than they had at home, and much higher living standards. The amount of divorces in international marriages is two times less than in Ukrainian families, 30% vs 60%.

In such marriages Ukrainians suffer from a difference in the mentality; when they divorce, they rarely manage to care of their children and most of our women abroad break their careers, since the foreign husband often sees his Ukrainian wife as a mother and housewife. And besides, not all of Ukrainian ladies manage to find out all the inside story of the future husband before the marriage.Marriage with the foreigner. Is it a modern fashion or a search for real feelings?

Foreign husbands often worry of different things. They married and took under the protection an unhappy and exhausted woman, and instead of thanking him for her salvation, she started to make a career. And in a few years the position of the wife can be better than the position of the husband. Only a few of Ukrainian women become housewives when they move abroad. They perfectly understand that they need to study and work. This is the only way not to fall into complete dependence on a foreign husband.