How to date when you hate it. Dating coach for men

Sunday, March 25th

How to date when you hate it. Dating coach for men

How to date with pleasure and without fear

“I hate dating. These meetings don’t oblige me and often don’t lead to anything. I always have to do everything possible and impossible to please someone, but is it necessary? “ How often can you hear such a phrase from a lonely person who is in search of his second half?beautiful ukrainian ladies

Why do some people get complete nonsense and trash with acquaintances and meetings, while others have cool dating and happy relationships? How to get rid of dating with strangers fears and begin to enjoy this process regardless of the outcome?

You get what you give but you will get what you want with dating coach for men

It’s not a secret that others return to us what we really think of ourselves even if we are afraid to admit it. And the way we judge the actions of other people can tell a lot about ourselves. Therefore, if you are getting acquainted through the Internet, looking through the girls’ profiles on the site with the thoughts: “She has a beautiful appearance, nice job and she is successful, then why is she alone so far? What’s wrong with her? Why does she get acquainted through websites? “. Look at this situation from the other side. It’s fair to ask yourself the same question – if I get acquainted through sites, does it mean that something is wrong with me? Does it mean that I’m not attractive enough to find a woman in a “traditional” way, offline, take the initiative and get to know her?

When we even mentally devalue women from a dating site, in fact, on a subconscious level, we devalue ourselves. We are convinced that those who get acquainted on the Internet have some kind of flaw. We are looking for a trick and, of course, we find it, confirming our theory. This is how the focus of our attention works – we always find confirmation of what we think.

Imagine that you go to the store strongly believe that you will not find a nice and comfortable suit for yourself. Everything that you find there is from last season, of poor quality, and you don’t like it. Does it make sense to go to the store then? Would you waste your time on this useless shopping? So why do we do the same with dates?

What to do? Change your attitude to yourself. Yes, not to women, but to yourself first of all. Begin to appreciate yourself and the attitude towards women will change automatically. It is important to work with your own values, with beliefs about what you can give a woman in a relationship. A woman is always the  energy, a good mood, a deep faith in a man with the help of which he performs miracles and deeds. A woman is a bottomless treasury of gifts and values. But until you start to see them, none of the women will give you a real price. Only you can name your price. Who will help? A dating coach for men who will support in restoring your own importance and teach how to accept and love yourself, how to strengthen your self-esteem.

Change your goals and expectations when you meet Ukrainian womenmeet ukrainian women

If you go on dates for the purpose to tickle someone’s fancy or to raise your self-esteem, then you initially put yourself in conditions of dependence on someone else’s opinion. If the reaction of another person is important to you, the result doesn’t depend on you directly, it is an unpredictable process. Don’t you think that you are able to influence on the feelings and sympathies of others? You are not hundred-dollar bills to please everyone.

Therefore, since you can’t influence on the feelings of a woman, you should focus on what you are able to control: your feelings and emotions. To be happy, upset, disappointed or to be in a good mood is 100% your choice. If you think that your mood and emotions are controlled by other people, the events in the country and heavy traffic on the streets, it is an illusion. Only you choose how to react to what is happening to you when you meet Ukrainian women.

Do you prefer a date or a job interview with beautiful Ukrainian ladies?

Nowadays, often dates look like a job interview. Ordinary questions that people ask on the first date are: “What do you do for a living?” “Where did you grow up?” “Where did you go to school?” Before you go to your first date, make a list of questions for a girl , which will be unexpected for her. They will help you to control the situation and get to know her better. A few important questions will determine the outcome of your further relationship: will they be a loving one or friendly? In addition, you will kill two birds with one stone – and find out all the important moments for yourself, and have a successful conversation, anyway, there should be no awkward silence.

  1. “What is your life goal?”

 The bottom line is to find out what a person wants from life in terms of work, family, what she dreams about. This is one of the most common questions that can be asked on the first date and it helps to get involved in conversation. It leads to other questions that will help to understand how lady is concentrated on her goals.

  1. “What’s the worst for you?”

To make a date easier, you need to ask the girl what’s the worst for her. So you will know from the first date what things or actions really annoy her (just to avoid doing it in case if you are interested in this lady). Besides, it’s your chance, to say what makes you nervous.

  1. “What is your hobby?”

It’s a good way to find out if you and the girl have something in common. You will also find out what she likes to do. If you have a common hobby, it will be a good idea for a second date.

  1. “What do you want from a relationship?”

As this is the most personal issue from the list, it remains one of the main. If you need a long-term relationship, you don’t want to waste your time on a person who is just interested in a few dates. It’s a great opportunity to know what your partner wants from the relationship. Is this the desire to get married and build a family or just be as she is. You will have an idea whether to go on a second date or not.

  1. “What is your favorite book, movie, show or game, or music?”dating coach for men

If you are not sure if she is reading books, playing games or watching TV, still ask this question. From the first date you already have an impression of what the girl is doing, what her interests are and what she is. You can always ask why she likes this or that show, the book, the movie. Music says a lot about a person. Music gives you common points of contact, remember this. You will be surprised by some answers to the questions.

  1. “What scares you the most in relationships or dates?”

Always ask the girl what frightens her on a date with the new guy. It’s not too personal, but it helps to understand what topics or actions make her feel uncomfortable. If you really want to know about the future with this person, ask her about the relationship. You will immediately understand what she is looking for and why she has not yet found. But do it very carefully and gradually.

  1. “What are your harmful addictions?”

It can be bizarre to know the things about a girl that others may not know. Maybe a girl likes to listen to rock music and ride a motorcycle. Harmful addictions can be funny, but still unexpected. They break the barriers and can bring you closer.

Dating coach for men, meet ukrainian women

Questions can help you to have a conversation in a more calm way. Don’t worry if you don’t follow your list. Ask something neutral, and that will give you the opportunity to understand who a girl is.

Why don’t you try to focus on creating an easy and comfortable atmosphere when you date? Believe in yourself and breathe out. Smile sincerely and laugh together at the jokes, even if they are not funny. Take care of your date’s comfort, not just about your own. You’ll see, with this tactic of behavior, you will have an appetite for dating.

We wish you unforgettable and pleasant dating with beautiful Ukrainian ladies this spring!