Wing Woman/Man

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If you are new in the city and even our country, you do not know where to go and it is not that easy to establish new relationships in such circumstances, feel free to apply to us. You will have this special person, Wing Woman or Wing Man, next to you , who makes you feel at ease while meeting new people in any public place, getting new contacts and finding new friends.
It may happen also that you dont need new friends or a girl/man, but just need some good person next to you, for going out, when you do not feel comfortable doing this just by yourself, being lonely in our city. It can be just your business trip and you want just to go out but not being alone, we can also help you with this. Wing Woman/Man are professionals who will make you feel great in new circumstances, tell you about the city, the places to go and ready to show you them, if you only wish it.
Trust to professionals!


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It is our main specialization. Matchmaking is a personalised service of search, screening and choosing the best possible Ukrainian matches for you according to your wishes and requirements and also using all our skills and professional education for doing this job.

This is a customized service specially designed to take into account all your specificities and preferences, standing apart from dating online. Matchmaker provide real value to clients by introducing them to people they otherwise would not have opportunity to meet. Additionally, we screen out those who would not meet your criteria, thus saving your time, money and preventing from disappointment.

Matchmaking is getting more and more popular nowadays among busy professionals, business owners and other intelligent people who prefer to apply to specialists when they want to get the quality  and personal approach to their  case, their needs.

Matchmaking is about building serious long-lasting relationships  so when we consult our clients , both men and women, we start providing the service to only ones who we feel are really genuine in their search and ready for new deep relationship. Sometimes we have to reject some personalities and  it is what prevents the other part of our clients from waste of time, energy and other sources.


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Coaching is  a very effective modern psychological method that  helps you to gain your aims in every field of life where you want them to be. Many successful people nowadays have their personal coaches that assist them  on their way to success.

The advantage of this approach is that you take full responsibility for your results while professional coach is just your partner, assisting, motivating when necessary, balancing your steps and  rooting for you, in aspiration to assist you in the best possible way.

Image Consulting

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First impression is the last impression. You know it very well. And while our experience in international matchmaking we came to the conclusion that it influences how your relationship progress (or not progress) a lot.

Due to cultural differences it is often a case when our clients need advice or even set of consultations about some issues to be changed in their image taking into account their personal issues, country, life style etc.

So we are ready to provide you with this type of service to enhance your chances for building relationships with the lady of your dreams.

Russian Language Lessons

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If you are serious about finding your future wife in Ukraine, you will need to know at least some Russian to get along better with your perspective lady. And if you will be able to say some sentences and understand Russian to some extent, it will definitely extend your chances to build long-lasting relationships with the lady of your dreams.

Still many Ukrainian people speak Russian so do not be surprised why Russian in Ukraine …) We would like to help you to learn Russian in the best possible way, when it would be comfortable for you and with a pace that would be comfortable for you still aiming at result.


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Plunge yourself into unforgettable Odessa atmosphere with its beautiful historical sights and most picturesque corners. Our guide will help you to experience completeness of a variety of Odessa beauty : Primorsky boulevard and Dumskaya square, Opera theater, the building of the Odessa national philharmonic hall, City council, the Palace of the count M. S. Vorontsov, the Theatrical and Cathedral areas.

Romantic Date

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When you meet several specially screened and selected ladies, you can choose one that fits you best and you feel a chemistry  with her.

Often at this stage our clients ask to arrange something interesting, romantic, exhilarating in order to surprise and please her.

So we are ready to prepare the most fantastic types of romantic dates designed just according to your wishes and preferences.

Among possible variants there are :

  • – yacht walk,
  • – barbecue ,
  • – date in the darkness,
  • – romantic date on the sea shore,
  • – horse riding,
  • – dinner on the roof,
  • – concert
  • – theatre
  • – baloon flight

and many other.

Gift Delivery

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If you want to impress your lady on your first date or after it, we are ready to assist you in doing it, always .

Our collection of unique and special gifts will delight every woman!

It can be personalized for her, showing that thought and planning went into the purchase. The selection includes many affordable and simple gifts, as well as some presents that are a bit more luxurious. Moreover, you can always order somethings special even not included in this list because we work with every client personally.


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Our complex approach will always include transfer from/to the airport/train/bus station for you.

Also if you need to go to Kiev or other cities of Ukraine we are  also at your service.

You will always have nice trip in a nice new car with us.


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Email correspondence with your prospective match is good way to get in touch prior the meeting if it is postponed for much time for some reasons (your business, busy life etc).

Otherwise we still recommend you to please yourself with the first impression of the first personal meeting, it cant be replaced by anything!