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The first date can be the last one

Theoretically, the first date can always be the last. And there are universal rules that you’d better not to violate. What can’t be done on the first date to avoid the girl’s repulsion?

If you go on a date and don’t know what you’re going to do there, it will be a disaster. It will not lead to anything. A date just to date is not the goal. You must act clearly and thoughtfully.

In this article, we will tell you: what kind of mistakes you should not to admit, what you should not to say and how to behave if you want to meet a lady for the second time.When you meet Ukrainian women

Never do the following when you meet Ukrainian women:

  • Be late

If a woman makes you wait, it means that she is not late, but is delayed (because of make-up, curling hair, untwisting curls and pulling hair out, re-dressing 5 times, crying, redoing make-up, making a decision to wear shorts with heels, etc.). The man who appeared not at 7 p.m., but at 7:20 is a cad. Because you can’t be late on the first date. NEVER! If you are not able to correctly plan your own time, you won’t be able to cope with a woman.

  • Do not have a plan

The last thing a woman wants to hear when she comes to a date, where you invited her: “Well, what are we going to do?” Historically, the animation functions (at least in the context of the first time) entirely lie on the man. If you do not like it – start dating guys.

  • Take the wrong position

Any psychologist will tell you: a stranger who is sitting in front of you in cafe, causes an uncontrolled nerve and associates more with the FBI agent than with the sweet-charming guy, who after a couple of hours she may want to kiss. To slip around isn’t a great idea as well because it is too intimate for the first date. The best option is to sit diagonally to each other. So the conversation will flow more easily, and the girl will have enough space to coquettishly look away and let the straps of the dress fall from the shoulder.

  • Order BBQ, ribs and other “inaccurate” food in a restaurant

Perhaps the women of the Mursi tribe would be impressed with how you carnivorous bite into the flesh of an innocent killed animal, sucking bones and crunching cartilage. But in beautiful Ukrainian ladies, this may cause awkwardness and disgust. And a vegan girl can have an attack of tachycardia, if not worse.

  • Talking only about yourself

When you meet Ukrainian women for the first time, you should talk about yourself only 30% of the time and 70% allow the girl to open herself. In this way she will be involved in the conversation and is happy to tell some details about her life.

If you only talk about yourself, the lady will consider you to be an egoistic narcissist, who isn’t interested in her. Do not need to tell your entire biography, starting with the kindergarten. It will be boring and uninteresting.

If you’re stupid, straying and stumbling, you’ll leave the impression of a boring man, who speaks to a girl for the first time in his life.

What is the reason for her to have a second date with you?

  • Mention your exbeautiful Ukrainian ladies

Even if a girl asks you about your ex directly or how many girls you had in your life, you don’t need to talk about it. It is better just to jump off the topic as it’s a dangerous territory. Turn the conversation to another way.

Especially, you can’t abuse exes and tell that they were bad girls and you are just a perfect guy.

  • You pretend to be clever.

It’s the first date. Be positive. The date should bring pleasure and joy to both of you. It is better to learn how to joke than to tell endless historical facts.

There is no certainty that the girl will decide in your favor precisely because you speak 5 foreign languages ​​and have a real estate in Portugal. But she will definitely be disappointed and broken off when later it will be revealed (and this is inevitable) that the only thing you can boast of is an irrepressible fantasy.

Your goal is to interest her. Talk to her about the topics that resonate with her and in which she happily takes part.

  • Complain

A woman came on a date with a man. She is interested in ambitions, prospects, self-confidence and the future. This is what girls need from men. And here you are: “Oh, everything is bad. My boss is an idiot. Life is pain. Women are whores”. Who will need you?

Stop whining! Take care of yourself and show your girl the best part of you!

  • Reply to a phone call and smsStop whining! Take care of yourself and show your girl the best part of you!

If you switch off you phone during the time of your date, it will be simple, elegant and clear way to let the girl know that you are seriously interested in everything that happens with her. It will impress her even more than a wonderful bouquet.

  • Compare

“You look like Britney Spears on your profile photos!”, “You speak like my mother”, “When you sneeze, you look like a nice badger!” – compliments built on the comparison are dangerous because everyone has his own associations. You don’t know each other well enough, so the probability of a “mistake” is critically high. It is possible that, unlike you, the girl considers Britney Spears a scandalous alcoholic; don’t reckon mothers as a sample of virtue, and she hates any rodents.

  • Criticize

The first dates are needed also for the having a chance to evaluate the person sitting opposite. Listen, watch, and make conclusions. But don’t openly attack and turn the date into a competition. You will not change her or teach her something immediately because won’t have enough time, but you will be remembered as a jerk.

  • Have little too much to drink

It’s allowed to drink on the first date because the tension is huge, and somehow one needs to get rid of it. But it will be worse – to get drunk enough to talk nonsense. Almost every girl has a story in her biography, when a man was ragingly drunk on the first date, and the next day he called, blamed himself and explained everything with being nervous. Keep in mind: no one will consider this a veiled compliment of your own irresistibility, which has also demoralized you.

  • Confess your love

There are some men of exalted types who after 5 minutes of communication start to grab women by the hand, make a declaration of love and ask to marry him, without waiting for dessert. Probably, it seems to them that this is such a trick – to surprise the girl with his overwhelming emotions. In this case, it is obvious that only one in a million will answer “Cool! I love you too! Let’s get married!” Other 999,999 girls will find you either a jester or a psycho. Both roles are not the most successful.

  • Be greedyIf you are greedy about money, you will leave a very bad impression of yourself.

If you are greedy about money, you will leave a very bad impression of yourself.

What does it mean? Suppose they bring you a bill, and you wonder it is so expensive. Or demonstratively pay for it, letting the girl know that you paying for her, too. Or you correct her order, making it clear that what she chose is too expensive. Or even ask her share the bill. You put her in a very embarrassing situation with such a gesture. She will remember it for a long time.

Perhaps you are laughing now, but there are so many greedy men in this world! Do not be goofy! Her desire that you pay the bill, does not speak about her mercantile spirit.

  • Not to make a beautiful point

You will be surprised, but many girls, coming home after a perfect date, experience an attack of insecurity and begin to reflect on the topic “What if in fact he did not like me? » In the case if you definitely liked the lady, and you would not mind repeating-continuing-deepening the relationship, you have to make a “control shot in the head.” At the end of the date openly let the girl know that you like her and that it was the best night in your life, try to set the next date and show the desire to steal another kiss, besides the one you got on the cheek. But the leading position of Top-charts still belongs to a post-dating romantic SMS. For a girl, this is a kind of material proof that your look burning with passion was not a part of her imagination.

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